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Enhancing employee experience and security are just some ways Ferrari is accelerating its digital journey.

Scuderia Ferrari is the racing division of luxury Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari and the racing team that competes in Formula One Racing. Its recent partnership with HCLSoftware includes utilizing the latter’s integrated application security platform for vulnerability detection.

Silvia Gabrielli, Ferrari’s Chief Data and Innovation Officer, said that by leveraging HCLSoftware, her company is accelerating its digital journey to innovate its digital landscape and business processes.

Beginning with the development phase, Ferrari will integrate HCL AppScan into its continuous integration tool and gain governance and visibility of the remediation process able to support collaboration and analytics.

HCLSoftware has been positioned as a strategic partner with the historic racing team, with a focus on supplying high-performance and precision technology.

“Our goal entering this multi-year partnership is to deliver high precision technology that will put Ferrari ahead of its competition for years to come,” said Raj Iyer, HCLSoftware’s Executive Vice President for SecureDevOps solutions.

HCL AppScan empowers developers, DevOps, and security teams with a suite of technologies to pinpoint application vulnerabilities for quick remediation in every phase of the software development lifecycle. It helps protect organizations by securing their applications with best-in-class testing tools, centralized visibility and oversight, and multiple deployment options including on-premises, on-cloud, and cloud-native.

This all-inclusive package empowers organizations to prioritize early detection, attain ongoing security, concentrate on remediation, and attain exceptional transparency and control.

Learn more about our best-in-class application security testing tool today or start your own HCL AppScan journey. Also, be sure to catch the video on the HCL partnership with Ferrari here.

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