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Companies today are perpetually confronted with a barrage of new and evolving threats, making the need for up-to-date application security practices more crucial than ever. In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, there can be a real risk in complacency. Simply conducting periodic scans to fulfill compliance obligations is no longer sufficient in safeguarding against the ever-adapting tactics of malicious actors.

This is why HCL AppScan released 10.0.x in 2020. Since its release, 10.0.x has evolved through multiple version releases, each reflecting the needs of customers in their preparedness to remain vigilant and proactive in their approach to application security.

To ensure all of our valued customers and future customers are on a journey towards robust application security that extends far beyond the confines of regulatory mandates, we are providing notice of End of Market / End of Support of 9.0.x of HCL AppScan On-Premise Products (HCL AppScan Enterprise, HCL AppScan Source and HCL AppScan Standard) which will occur on February 28, 2025. AppScan 9.0.x has been in the Market since 2013, and the latest update was introduced in 2019. Please visit our HCL Software Product Lifecycle website for additional release information.

Benefits of Migrating to AppScan V10.x

With four years of experience under its belt, HCL AppScan 10.0.x is equipped with 100+ security updates to elevate your organization’s security posture. Some features include:

HCL AppScan Standard/ HCL AppScan Enterprise

  • Better coverage with machine learning
  • Third-party vulnerability component detection
  • Action-based web crawler offers improved memory consumption and better coverage
  • Improved multi-step operations
  • Introduced IAST Total. Enhanced DAST scan accuracy and efficiency with an IAST subscription
  • 100+ security rules update

HCL AppScan Source

  • 10+ language and framework support
  • Secrets scanning


  • CVSS 3.1 Scoring
  • CVSS 2.0 - CVSS 3.1 migration

Check out the latest product features and enhancements in this release:

Get a more detailed view of HCL AppScan benefits offered in your 10.0.x migration.

What Next Steps Should You Take?

We encourage all customers using HCL AppScan 9.0.x to migrate to HCL AppScan 10.0.x before February 28, 2025. After this date, no support will be provided.

The migration can be initiated on your own. The following links from each HCL AppScan Product will be helpful.

If you need help, HCL AppScan Support is ready to facilitate a smooth migration process. You can raise a Case in ServiceNow and Support will reach out to you.

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