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As companies increasingly move their software development to the cloud, they’re looking for cloud-based application security testing that easily integrates into their development pipelines. HCL AppScan on Cloud is the perfect SaaS solution for this type of security testing. But now we’re excited to announce that we’ve extended this online experience even further with the launch of a new online purchase option.

The HCL AppScan Marketplace is a new digital pay-as-you-go platform where customers can easily purchase application security testing scans online. Once a purchase is made, you can quickly start scanning your applications for the critical vulnerabilities that you need to fix using either dynamic analysis (DAST), static analysis (SAST), or software composition analysis (SCA) tools from HCL AppScan.

Why You Need It

Agile software development, by definition, has to respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of data security, customer habits, employee work modes, compliance regulations and more. This means that no matter what level of application security testing a company has in place, various development teams, DevOps, and security teams may need to add additional testing right away to secure new code or get compliant before a rapid release. The HCL AppScan Marketplace helps make this possible by automating the purchase process so that you can have the scan as quickly as possible.

How It Works

In just three easy steps, you’ll be able to match the speed of procurement with the agility of development. Check it out!

  1. Purchase a minimum of five scans and receive a one-year subscription to HCL AppScan on Cloud.
  2. Activate your SaaS subscription and start scanning your applications with our fast, accurate DAST, SAST, and/or SCA technology.
  3. Access to the platform, findings, and reporting continues for 60 days after the subscription ends. Extend your subscription at any time with the purchase of more scans.

Why You’ll Love It

WIth HCL AppScan Marketplace, you pay as you go, so your spending better aligns with your required scans. You’ll receive DAST, SAST and SCA scanning options which will offer you scanning features in a centralized dashboard, providing you with actionable reporting and access to a rich set of APIs, as well as an open-source AppScan automation framework to customize integration into your IDE or CI/CD pipeline.

Try It!

By leveraging the offerings available on HCL AppScan Marketplace, users can strengthen their security posture, reduce risk, and ensure the integrity and resilience of their software applications. Continue to our website to learn more and buy scans today!

Sidebar - The technology:

  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
    Identify security vulnerabilities by crawling through web applications to map potential exploit paths and execute tests against those paths in web applications.
  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
    Analyze application source code and data flow for coding and design flaws that indicate security vulnerabilities so that you can fix potential issues before your software is released.
  • SCA (Software Composition Analysis)
    Find open-source libraries and components that are being used by your code by analyzing information from multiple sources such as file hashes, binaries and more.
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