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As top retailers compete in the global marketplace, digital transformation continues to be pivotal for success. Secure online data transfer is vital for all business functions, from suppliers to in-store and online customers.

This new whitepaper, aptly named No Margin for Error: The Digital Transformation of Retail and the Need for Application Security, brought to you by HCL AppScan, delves into contemporary retail challenges, digital remedies for success, and the rising risks of hacking, cybercrime, and data breaches. The report emphasizes the value and cost-effectiveness of application security testing as a vital tool to secure data, preserve your reputation, and curb theft and fraud.

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Digital transformation in retail is taking many forms as businesses respond to evolving demographics and buying habits. On the front end, retailers are converging the buying experience online, on mobile, in-store and across social media platforms. On the back end, the same companies are under pressure to fix and improve aspects of the buying experience that buyers have come to expect, such as just-in-time (JiT) delivery and free returns.

All these solutions require increased development of advanced web applications — which are also the fastest-growing attack vector for cybercriminals. According to sources cited in the report, the average cost of a retail data breach in 2022 was $3.28 million. To mitigate this threat, the safest, fastest and most cost-effective strategy is to reduce human error in coding, find and fix vulnerabilities during development, and release software that meets compliance standards and regulations.

This report was published by HCLSoftware, a leading software provider globally with solutions in Enterprise Security, AI & Automation, Data & Analytics and Digital Transformation.

Enterprise Security solutions include the HCL AppScan portfolio of application security testing platforms, tools and services, all of which provide retailers and other organizations with the testing accuracy, remediation advice and application security management necessary to meet the demands of modern development.

Start a free trial today to see how these industry-leading tools can help you keep your applications secure.

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