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BigFix Extended Patch expands BigFix’s built-in automation to remediate hundreds of third-party applications with ready-for-use and up-to-date fixlets that solve the toughest security challenges.  

In real-world complex enterprise environments, the latest patch is not always appropriate due to application testing and customizations. BigFix Extended Patch not only supplies the latest patch for these applications but also prior patches and patches that specifically address known vulnerabilities. In this way, it provides the shortest time to remediation while keeping your production environments up and running. 

BigFix Extended Patch is included with the BigFix Lifecycle and Compliance suites and will be continually expanded to add more over time. The initial release of BigFix Extended Patch includes the following software titles:  

initial release of BigFix Extended Patch

The new patch content site is named, Updates for Windows Applications Extended.

For a complete list of supported software titles, visit our Supported Software pageFor more information about BigFix, visit or Contact Us

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