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Nutanix delivers an enterprise cloud platform that natively converges compute, virtualization, and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution. Nutanix solutions are built on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. 

BigFix has partnered with Nutanix to extend the power of BigFix to Nutanix deployments. Capabilities include:

  • Running the BigFix Agent in guest VMs running Nutanix-supported operating systems such as Windows, Red Hat Linux and CentOS.nutanix ready
  • Deploying the BigFix Platform and core modules in guest VMs running on Nutanix. In other words, all BigFix infrastructure components can be deployed in guest VMs running on a Nutanix hypervisor (AVH), including the BigFix Enterprise Server, BigFix Relays and consoles, BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance and BigFix Inventory. BigFix has been given the Nutanix Ready AHV badge — a certification awarded to products and solutions that have been tested and verified to work on or with AHV, Nutanix’s built-in hypervisor.
  • Reporting on the sub capacity of guest VMs running on Nutanix through the use of BigFix Inventory.

By extending support to Nutanix, BigFix can manage more endpoints than ever before!

Click here to watch the latest webinar,


Get The Most Out of Your Nutanix Environment


To learn more about Nutanix support in BigFix, click here.  For more information about BigFix, visit or Contact Us

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