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AI is more than just a buzzword in the IT landscape. AI, or “artificial intelligence,” otherwise known as “intelligent automation” has become an essential part of any modern organization. Even if an organization has a skilled IT team in place, the need for new applications, services, tools and technologies increases the complexity of IT Operations teams’ competencies and dedicated skills needed to manage and maintain such complex environments.

We’re seeing a shift in the balance between the human workforce and artificial intelligence. Now, AI can help automate tasks within IT operations like data monitoring, incident response, root cause analysis, service and change requests, and prediction and optimization of resource utilization. The goal is of course to improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed while reducing the burden on human IT staff. This can lead to reduced downtime, improved performance, and faster resolution of issues.

BigFix’s new Runbook AI is a new add-on to the BigFix Lifecycle which is an intelligent runbook automation product that mimics human intelligence to simplify and automate resolution lifecycle of any IT task.

Unlike other solutions that limit AI to events correlation, data analysis and incident pattern recognition that can predict potential outages, BigFix’s Runbook AI leverages capabilities for AI to contextualize the type of IT task, identify and recommend a remediation action against a large catalog of IT Automation runbooks and deploy it to the relevant machine. The ultimate goal is achieving end-to-end automation of any IT Operation task, being it an incident that occurred on a server or a change or service request at infrastructure or application level.

How BigFix Runbook AI Works

BigFix Runbook AI uses a visual interface that enables users to create and manage complex workflows and automate repetitive tasks without the need for coding or scripting skills. Runbook AI integrates with a wide range of systems and applications, including cloud platforms, databases, and IT service management tools, enabling seamless automation of end-to-end IT processes.

The platform also provides extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing users to track automation performance, identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows. In addition, it also offers a robust security framework, including data encryption, role-based access controls, and compliance with industry-standard security certifications. These features make Runbook AI a reliable and secure automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

There are many outstanding benefits of using BigFix Runbook AI:

  • Continuously-trained AI engine driving Zero Touch Automation – helps reduce a high percent of tickets resolvent without much effort from IT teams
  • Reduce IT cost and effort for improved productivity -- the number of tickets resolved with automation IT cost is reduced, which drives overall productivity
  • Over 350 out-of-the-box runbooks – reduction of hours spent on manual tasks saving up to 85% of time spent on Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
  • Offers Intelligent Runbook Automation capabilities for automating the IT Operations resolution lifecycle – specifically for events, incidents, service request tasks and change request tasks
  • Leverages NLP to analyze the context of the issues raised – quickly identifies the most relevant solution
  • Automatically executes the runbook in BigFix – autonomous issue resolution
  • Continuous learning over time builds confidence levels – SMEs can confidently rely on it for end-to-end issue resolution
  • Unified knowledge base repository combines multiple data sources of different types (public website,internal Knowledge base pages, files folders) -- so users can search articles related to specific issues

Streamline Your IT Processes with BigFix Runbook AI

BigFix Runbook AI enables organizations to streamline their IT operations and improve productivity. The platform provides a wide range of pre-built connectors and templates, allowing users to quickly create automation workflows for common use cases, such as server provisioning, software deployment, and incident management.

Additionally, Runbook AI offers a powerful scheduling engine that enables users to define and automate the execution of tasks based on specific conditions or triggers. This means that users can schedule automated workflows to run at specific times, in response to specific events, or based on a specific set of criteria.

With Runbook AI, businesses can reduce manual effort and human error in their IT operations, freeing up staff time to focus on higher-value activities and accelerating the delivery of IT services to end users.

For complete information on obtaining BigFix Runbook AI and the value it can bring, visit our site. For general information visit HCLBigFix,our Customer References page or Contact Us.

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