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HCLSoftware partner Converge Technology Solutions leverages BigFix in building a firm foundation for cybersecurity architecture and solutions for customers. BigFix automates the discovery, management and remediation of endpoints and works with nearly 100 operating systems – wherever they are.

Converge helps its customers leverage BigFix’s rich capabilities to secure and manage endpoints, including effective patch management, continuous compliance, and vulnerability remediation, resulting in a double-digit reduction in cybersecurity risk.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Skilled HCLSoftware BigFix partners like Converge are important in providing value-added services to BigFix’s set of offerings. We interviewed Dan Gregory, Converge’s VP of Solution Architecture, and asked him to share how he guides clients in building a strong cybersecurity foundation. During our interview, Gregory relates how BigFix became integral to Converge’s comprehensive cybersecurity framework and delivers real results.

The architecture

Converge creates a sound cybersecurity enterprise architecture from the ground up for customers using HCL BigFix. The most valuable BigFix capabilities include asset and software inventory and control, securing configurations, continuous compliance, effective multiplatform patching and vulnerability management.

Laying the groundwork: asset inventory

Converge is a services-led, software-enabled IT and Cloud Solutions provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions, including cybersecurity, across industries.

Gregory says identifying your assets is the first step in endpoint security management. He iterates, “It’s all about enumeration of assets, and finding out what you have…and building a detailed inventory of what you want to protect. If an organization doesn’t have an accurate inventory of hardware and software assets,” enforces Gregory, “the value of all the other cybersecurity elements is diminished.”

“With an accurate inventory, you know what the vulnerability scanner needs to scan. If the scanner doesn’t know it’s there, then it’s not going to scan it in the first place. So BigFix goes in first. It’s the tip of the spear.” Once assets are all accounted for, then the next cybersecurity function can be deployed such as the patching of operating systems and third-party software.

Patching and vulnerability remediation

BigFix is a single, proven and highly effective patching solution for endpoints running Windows, Linux, UNIX and macOS. BigFix delivers ready-to-deploy content for these operating systems and many third-party applications, databases, and middleware.

BigFix doesn’t just stop there. It integrates with vulnerability scanners like Tenable and Qualys to automate the correlation of discovered vulnerabilities with available patches. The integration adds value by aligning security and IT operations, enabling them to secure endpoints more effectively. “Typically, once an organization has a list of patches that need to be applied, BigFix can apply them,” instructs Gregory. “When that’s done, the BigFix platform can ensure that all the configuration settings associated with that patch have been set properly.”

Continuous compliance

Configuration settings, unfortunately, often drift from their desired state over time, potentially leaving organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. To reduce the risk, many organizations remediate configuration drifts manually as non-compliant systems are discovered or during periodic compliance audits. This creates “windows of vulnerability” that increase the security risk of a cyberattack or breach.

That risk is unnecessary with HCL BigFix because BigFix provides continuous compliance. “BigFix automatically detects and corrects those misconfigurations without staff intervention. That’s what makes BigFix so valuable in the real world and to many customers,” asserts Gregory.

“In the real world, we want to make sure those configuration settings don’t get changed, and if they do change, we want to automatically return those settings to the desired value or alert the right people when configuration drift happens,” Gregory points out.

Putting the pieces together

Converge helps organizations build strong cybersecurity solutions by implementing its cybersecurity architecture. HCL BigFix is the industry-leading endpoint management solution that Converge leverages to help customers create and maintain an accurate hardware and software inventory, effectively patch OS and third-party applications, eliminate configuration drift and remediate discovered vulnerabilities fast.

Gregory concludes, “BigFix is like one of those lumps of clay that you can do a lot of cool stuff with. But in this interview, I’ve focused on the core capabilities that BigFix provides out of the box. BigFix is just one of those platforms that, if you have good enough imagination, you can probably tackle some of the toughest automation and security challenges. What BigFix does out of the box, it does very well.”

The HCL BigFix platform is key to building a strong and resilient foundation for Converge’s clients. We invite you to try HCL BigFix for yourself.

Learn more about BigFix by visiting or scheduling a demo. Learn more about Converge Technology Solutions by visiting

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