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We are thrilled to announce that HCL BigFix, specifically the CyberFOCUS Analytics solution, has won the "Risk Management Innovation of the Year" award from the prestigious Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards. This recognition underscores HCL BigFix's position as a leader in cybersecurity and a top innovator in the industry.

HCL BigFix competed against other vendors and was evaluated against criteria such as innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact. HCL BigFix CyberFOCUS stood out in every aspect due to its exceptional qualities and groundbreaking approach to vulnerability management and remediation.

Revolutionizing Vulnerability Management with Industry-First Features

HCL BigFix CyberFOCUS is the industry’s FIRST SOLUTION that:

  1. Immediately identifies exploitable vulnerability exposures by MITRE APT Groups without scanning
  2. Immediately identifies exposures by CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities compared to due date over time without scanning
  3. Automatically calculates recommended remediation strategies based on least disruptive, most effective plan
  4. Collects all content used to automate remediation at scale based on the above and then perform and confirm the remediations
  5. Include Vulnerability Protection Level Agreements to track and prove cyber risk reduction to the C-Suite

Enhance Your Endpoint Security with HCL BigFix

HCL BigFix significantly improves an organization's endpoint security posture by delivering effective capabilities to identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities that pose threats. Let us show you the power of HCL BigFix. Request a demonstration today.

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