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Software asset management (SAM) is a landscape that’s always changing. In this environment, HCL BigFix Inventory has established itself as a leading solution in software compliance, empowering organizations to effectively manage and optimize their software assets. This commitment to excellence has recently been reinforced with HCL BigFix Inventory becoming a verified third-party software asset management tool for Oracle Java SE, solidifying HCL BigFix Inventory's position as a trusted product in the SAM domain and demonstrating its compatibility and compliance with Oracle standards and requirements. Find out more:

Oracle Verification: A Testament to Unwavering Commitment

Due to the growing significance of Oracle Java SE, HCL BigFix Inventory embarked on an extensive verification journey to ensure its near-seamless integration with Oracle's licensing framework. This commitment culminated in a significant milestone with the release of HCL BigFix Inventory, which saw it receive verification from Oracle Global License Advisory Services (GLAS) for Oracle Java SE usage data collection.

This means that HCL BigFix Inventory usage data is now officially accepted by Oracle and can be used to collect information required by Oracle auditors, or any other time accurate Java usage data is required. This newfound recognition reflects HCL BigFix Inventory’s commitment to providing organizations with the most reliable and comprehensive SAM solutions available.

HCL BigFix is Empowering Organizations with Powerful Capabilities

Achieving Oracle verification represents a significant milestone in the evolution of HCL BigFix Inventory. It underscores its exceptional features such as ensuring license compliance, optimizing costs through meticulous software usage analysis, and identifying underutilized licenses for reclamation and reallocation. Furthermore, HCL BigFix Inventory enhances an organization's security stance by identifying and optionally uninstalling software deemed “risky” by IT.

Oracle and IBM: A Beacon of Software Compliance

HCL BigFix Inventory is now verified by Oracle and certified by IBM. With this development, HCL BigFix Inventory becomes a leading market solution for software compliance, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of software licensing with confidence while lowering IT costs. HCL BigFix Inventory's ability to provide comprehensive and accurate software usage data ensures that organizations maintain compliance with licensing agreements.

To learn more about HCL BigFix Inventory. If you are a Software Asset Manager, learn more about using HCL BigFix Inventory for SAM, visiting the HCL BigFix for Software Asset Management solution page.

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