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Introducing HCL BigFix Workspace – a new workstation and mobile management solution that enhances your organization’s endpoint security, employee experience, and helpdesk efficiency. With BigFix Workspace, you can elevate your security posture by ensuring every user endpoint is unified and managed with zero trust policies, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your network is secure.

What is HCL BigFix Workspace?

  • A new workstation and mobile management solution
  • A single platform to manage every end user device
  • A dramatically improved end user experience
  • A solution that reduces helpdesk calls
  • Advanced security capabilities to block security threats

But that’s not all. BigFix Workspace also enhances your employee experience by:

  1. Providing a seamless and personalized workspace.
  2. Allowing your team to focus on what matters most — their work.
  3. With its advanced automation and near real-time monitoring capabilities, BigFix Workspace reduces helpdesk calls and enables your IT team to work more efficiently, saving time and resources.

Functional overview of BigFix Workspace capabilities

If you’re looking for a solution that can do it all — elevate your security, enhance your employee experience, and boost helpdesk efficiency — look no further than BigFix Workspace.

One of the most important aspects of end-user workspace management is allowing end-users to manage themselves — for example, to resolve firewall settings and VPN issues.

Bigfix workspace self service console

BigFix Workspace offers several economic advantages for organizations.

  • It improves employee productivity and satisfaction by providing a seamless and personalized workspace that allows them to focus on their work. This can lead to increased employee retention and a more positive company culture, which can ultimately result in cost savings related to recruitment and training of new employees.
  • It helps organizations avoid costly security breaches and data loss incidents by ensuring that every user endpoint is properly secured and managed. This can prevent the high costs associated with remediation efforts, legal fees, and reputational damage that often result from security incidents.
  • It significantly reduces the costs associated with managing and securing endpoint devices. By automating tasks and providing real-time monitoring and remediation capabilities, BigFix Workspace can minimize the need for manual intervention and reduce the number of helpdesk calls, thereby saving time and resources.


BigFix Workspace delivers the best laptop management with the biggest set of automation capabilities.

  • It has thousands of IT automation scripts right out of the box.
  • It makes it easy to automate employee computing experiences.
  • It offers sophisticated automation for both IT-managed and self-service fixes.

BigFix Workspace provides the fastest, easiest remediation and vulnerability risk reduction automation for security and IT teams.

  • It instantly reports unpatched vulnerabilities targeted by the most dangerous threats.
  • It tells you which problems you should fix first with the least disruption.
  • KPIs for the C-Suite prove cyber risk reduction.

BigFix Workspace unifies tools, teams and processes to fix problems regardless of employee location, connectivity, or OS.

  • It’s been proven to replace as many as six point products with a single solution.
  • Its advanced automation capabilities let you find more, fix more and do more with the resources you have.


Overall, BigFix Workspace offers several economic advantages for organizations by reducing costs, improving security posture, and enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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