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In the contemporary landscape of hybrid work, managing the complexities of a dispersed workforce is paramount. HCL BigFix Workspace+, a transformative hybrid workspace management solution, addressing the evolving needs of enterprises in a dynamic work environment. Its proactive issue resolution extends to client devices, empowering users with end user self-healing capabilities. This innovative feature enables the prevention and resolution of problems without requiring IT staff intervention, minimizing disruptions and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The hybrid work model facilitates digital transformation, compelling employees to use several devices across various locations, posing challenges for IT professionals. Managing an increased number of end user devices, ensuring regulatory compliance and fortifying security measures becomes imperative. However, existing tools and processes remain fragmented. This scenario not only burdens IT professionals but also hampers employee productivity, emphasizing the need for a unified approach that addresses both compliance and security challenges.

Our cutting-edge platform is designed to help organizations collaborate seamlessly and eliminate the complexities associated with endpoint management. To meet the demands of managing and securing the hybrid workspace, a comprehensive solution is essential. HCL BigFix Workspace+ seamlessly manages all devices across locations, prioritizing user experience while mitigating cyber risks. Leveraging comprehensive automation, cybersecurity, and device management capabilities, it ensures proactive identification and securing of client-device vulnerabilities in real time.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive automation: HCL BigFix Workspace+ offers the broadest selection of Out-of-the-Box (OOB) automation, streamlining IT deployments for efficient endpoint control.
  • Industry compliance standards: By providing a centralized platform for continuous monitoring and enforcement of security policies across diverse endpoints, HCL BigFix Workspace+ ensures a unified and secure operational landscape.
  • Gen AI capabilities: With robust Gen AI capabilities, the solution revolutionizes the end-user experience by empowering employees to pose inquiries in natural language and receive swift and precise responses and guidance for their issues. HCL BigFix excels not only in diagnosing problems but also in effecting changes and repairs to laptops and workstations, ensuring seamless functionality for your workforce.
  • Unified management: From lifecycle management to regulatory compliance adherence, cybersecurity analytics, and self-healing functionalities, HCL BigFix Workspace+ provides a transformative approach to streamline operations.


  • Enhanced end-user experience: A user-centric environment, combining efficiency and security for an enhanced digital employee experience empowers users through self-service capabilities to address common issues, install software and perform routine tasks independently, fostering a sense of control and reducing dependence on IT support.
  • Boost end-user productivity: End users experience a unified work environment, whether in the office or on the go, as their devices are remotely managed and secured. This unparalleled flexibility, coupled with multilingual capabilities, guarantees sustained productivity and user-friendly operations from any location, whether it be the office, home or any place across any geographical region.
  • Reduced IT costs: Experience cost savings with BigFix Workspace+ through advanced automation and streamlined processes, ensuring optimized, faster and more successful audits. By efficiently managing software assets, organizations reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents, enhancing overall security and minimizing potential financial implications. Another benefit of BigFix is its ability to address underutilized software licenses, ensuring cost optimization by aligning the contracted licenses with the actual usage detected through inventory.
  • Real-time visibility and monitoring: Achieve endpoint compliance to proactively address industry standards, fostering a secure and compliant environment and facilitating minimization of the complexities associated with regulatory adherence.
  • Efficient security measures: With robust security features, including vulnerability assessments and threat detection, HCL BigFix helps organizations stay ahead of potential threats. By ensuring a secure environment, employees can work confidently without concerns about cybersecurity issues.
  • Adaptable mobile workforce support: Facilitates seamless management of both mobile and traditional endpoints, promoting heightened adaptability and agility for the overall business operations.
  • Continuous vulnerability remediation: Robust vulnerability remediation ensures a secure user environment and mitigating security risks associated with a hybrid work culture. It manages and secures every workspace end-point regardless of location, connection or operating system.

HCL BigFix Workspace+ is not just a workspace management solution. It’s a commitment to redefining the future of workspaces with intelligence, efficiency, and unwavering security. With its robust capabilities, BigFix Workspace+ streamlines compliance processes, automates configuration of all end user devices and helps organizations effortlessly adhere to industry standards, mitigating risks effectively.

Unlock the potential of AI-driven conversations and step into the future with GenAI.

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