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In today’s world of remote work, maintaining security and privacy compliance across various devices and operating systems presents a unique challenge. With employees like Joe enjoying administrative privileges, organizations must deal with potential security risks, such as the disabling of crucial security settings or the installation of unapproved software. Here, we explore a comprehensive use case featuring HCL BigFix Workspace+, showcasing its robust capabilities in enforcing security compliance seamlessly.

Joe’s Story: A Security Challenge in Remote Work

Joe, like many remote workers, enjoys the flexibility of working from different locations. However, this flexibility sometimes leads to compromised security practices. Recently, Joe disabled his laptop’s endpoint antivirus (AV) settings and installed an unapproved game to share with friends during a meet-up. As friends gather to begin a gaming session, Joe’s laptop, plagued with intermittent internet connectivity, becomes a ticking time bomb of security vulnerabilities.

How HCL BigFix Workspace+ Steps In

  1. Immediate Detection: Despite the laptop being offline or having spotty connectivity, the HCL BigFix agent quickly detected the unauthorized changes. HCL BigFix’s robust capability ensures that security compliance checks are continuous and not confined to network availability.
  2. Automatic Correction: HCL BigFix swiftly restored the security settings and endpoint protection, verifying their health and ensuring they were updated. This immediate action helps mitigate any potential threats arising from disabled security features.
  3. Uninstallation of Unapproved Software: Recognizing the unapproved game, HCL BigFix automated its uninstallation, removing potential entry points for security breaches.
  4. Restoring Compliance: No matter the operating system, laptop type or connectivity status, HCL BigFix ensured that Joe’s laptop returned to a compliant state, aligned with organizational security policies.

Why HCL BigFix Workspace+ Stands Out

  • Consolidate: HCL BigFix Workspace+ brings together unified capabilities in a single solution, reducing the complexity and overhead associated with managing multiple security tools.
  • Accelerate: Leveraging extensive IT automation enhanced by the latest AI technology, HCL BigFix Workspace+ accelerates response times and efficiency in handling security threats and compliance issues.
  • Collaborate: HCL BigFix Workspace+ supports a broad spectrum of end user device types and operating systems, making it an innovative solution in today’s diverse IT landscape.
  • Security Compliance: As the only solution that offers continuous monitoring and enforcement of endpoint security configurations, HCL BigFix Workspace+ ensures compliance across more operating systems and device types than any other vendor, making it a leader in security and privacy compliance.

In a world where remote work continues to expand, and security threats become more sophisticated, HCL BigFix Workspace+ stands out as the trusted solution for automating security compliance, HCL BigFix not only protects against potential threats but also reinforces organizational policies, keeping businesses one step ahead in the cybersecurity game. For companies like Joe’s, this means safer, more reliable IT environments, no matter where employees are logging in.

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