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Enterprises have been moving their IT infrastructure from traditional, on-premise data centers to the cloud, because of the obvious benefits provided by the cloud such as greater workload elasticity, increased operational agility, improved resource availability and reliability, and a utility pricing model.  Most organizations are also embracing a multicloud strategy that renders them more provider choices to deploy the workloads to avoid vendor lock-in or to take advantage of best-of-breed services.

As organizations are deploying IT workloads in multiple clouds, many have faced challenges in managing security and staying continuously compliant:
  • Each cloud comes with a whole new set of services or management tools, which existing IT infrastructure or administration teams struggle to adopt.
  • With more flexibility rendered to development or operation teams to instantiate new cloud workload, it is difficult for an IT Ops or Security team to have full visibility to all the cloud workloads, let alone to manage or secure them.
  • Most organizations have a hybrid environment across cloud and on-premise, but all regulatory mandates and fundamental security hygiene tasks like patching to remediate vulnerabilities or ensuring secure configurations still broadly apply, no matter where the workloads are running. It is not effective to use different solutions to manage or secure workloads running on premise and in the cloud and to integrate data across various environments to demonstrate compliance.

BigFix’s well-established endpoint management capabilities have been extended to support multicloud environments to enable organizations to use a single solution to manage and secure workloads across multiple clouds and on-premise in a consistent and effective manner.  BigFix can address the challenges that many organizations are confronted with in embracing a multicloud strategy:

  • BigFix supports major cloud infrastructures including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, with a consistent deployment and management model. It significantly reduces total management staffing and costs associated with using each cloud provider’s native services.
  • BigFix provides full visibility to all VM workloads running in the cloud. Each VM’s properties are retrieved using cloud native APIs, without a need to install an agent. This helps efficiently identify unmanaged blind spots, provide a comprehensive workload view, and reduce security risks.
  • All the advantages that BigFix provides for managing on-premise endpoints are also available for managing the workloads in the cloud, such as applying patches to remediate vulnerabilities, continuously assessing security configurations and remediating noncompliance, or identifying unauthorized software applications. These basic but critical hygiene tasks help an organization proactively and effectively establish a solid security posture to reduce the surface of attacks.
  • With BigFix, an organization can now manage both cloud workloads and on-premise endpoints using a single infrastructure and management model. It enables an organization to reduce total management overhead, expedite the transition of workloads from on-premise to cloud, and meet security and compliance requirements consistently.

Enterprises need a robust and cost-effective multicloud management solution to more smoothly migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud or handle new emerging workloads, while continuously securing all their on-premise endpoints.  BigFix, the most reliable and capability-rich endpoint management solution, provides a great choice for organizations to manage and secure workloads across all major clouds and on-premise in a consistent and effective way.

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