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Peace of mind. Everybody wants it. Still, it seems elusive — especially in an always-on world where data breaches, ransomware, and cyber vulnerabilities and exploits are a painful and seemingly inescapable fact of life.

I have a suggestion. But first, let me explain a few things.

As an IT solutions distributor, we at NeoVAD spare no effort to provide the most compelling possible offering to our reseller partners and their customers. With a product portfolio focused on user experience, cybersecurity, and cloud and datacenter software, our goal is to simplify life for the user. The aim is to deliver an optimal experience, analyze performance over time, and enable a work environment without constraints on a secure, resilient, reliable foundation.

Allow me expand on the word “simplify.”

To deliver that combination of stability and freedom, you need solutions that make life simple while addressing the real complexities the world has to offer. Nowhere is this more critical than in the area of data security. Cybersecurity threats are a constant concern for businesses of every type — which, in the real world, saddles those businesses with a complex and never-ending cycle of system scanning, vulnerability tracking, patch implementation, and coordination of responses among divergent environments, users, and teams. Not to mention making it all official by documenting compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.

In practice, that can be a mess. And with so much ad hoc activity to manage, the very real need that exists at a business level to streamline IT operations and optimize performance can collide painfully with the jumbled reality of day-to-day data security.

I mentioned that we strive to make life simple for the partners and end customers who depend on us. One of the most important tools we’ve found to cut through that thicket of chaos and impose order on the universe of cyber threats is a thing called HCL BigFix.

Let me take a moment to tell you just what BigFix enables us to do for our partners and their customers — and why we rely on it completely. It’s a big topic (no pun intended), but I’m going to focus on the three things that, in my mind, matter most.

The Power of Unity

First, BigFix is a single agent that covers many different types of operating systems and applications. This fact alone is huge for us. When Patch Tuesday arrives, the ability to get all those patches into place without delay — and to do it from a single place, deploying across a veritable babel of operating systems, environments, applications, hardware and devices scattered across the globe — is priceless. With just one agent you can cover all those risks in a virtual heartbeat — and scale your operations very well on top of that.

This power to deploy rapidly and scale seamlessly to thousands of servers and end users of all kinds — including mobile users and cloud environments as well as on-premise hardware — is a gigantic differentiator for BigFix.

The Joy of Visibility

Second, there’s the question of visibility. BigFix gives you visibility into all these activities — across environments, across teams, throughout your organization. It provides a single view of a heterogeneous, distributed environment with a range of operating systems, applications and devices. What’s more, the platform’s monitoring capabilities enable real-time visibility into system health and performance, which helps your teams identify and address issues proactively before they impact your business. This approach minimizes downtime, optimizes performance, and enhances end-user experience — a win across the board.

The Value of Automation

This brings me to the third question: automation. The key value of automation in data security, for starters, is that it reduces the interval between the time when a vulnerability or possible exploit occurs and the time when that vulnerability can be identified and corrected. Your organization isn’t dependent on various teams seeing and connecting the dots from their various silos — which can take quite a while to happen if it happens at all. This is an area where every delay ratchets up the risks you face. Closing those time gaps is worth more than you can imagine.

Beyond that, there’s the little matter of efficiency. By automating routine tasks — software deployments, patch management, configuration changes, and so on — BigFix cuts down significantly on manual effort, enabling IT teams to focus on initiatives that are both more strategic and more fun.

Another thing BigFix automates, by the way, is the enforcement of compliance policies — which ensures your organization’s adherence to regulations and security standards. It also includes robust auditing and reporting features that simplify compliance management and regulatory assessments.

Target: Simplicity

I should point out that we at NeoVAD are acutely conscious of the advantages of each product we provide — partly because we invest so much time and money in recruiting and training our sales teams, working with our reseller partners to educate them about the solutions we offer, and building a channel with each of them to make it all real.

As a result, we’re deeply engaged with everything and everyone in this ecosystem — our solutions, our vendors, our reseller partners, and their customers — and deeply invested in their success. We don’t take our choices lightly, and each decision we make is rigorously tested in the wild. So when I say that for us, the path to peace of mind passes through BigFix, I know whereof I speak.

There’s more I could say, of course — and I’m tempted to dive deeper into the details, because there are hundreds of features, capabilities, and use cases to consider, and many of them will apply to you.

But I promised you simplicity, and that’s a promise I intend to keep. So let me just say this: If it’s peace of mind you want, BigFix is a giant step in the right direction.

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