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IT organizations face constant challenges to enhance staff productivity, reduce overall IT costs and improve security. HCL BigFix can simplify management of laptops, desktops and mobile devices…while lowering IT costs.

HCL BigFix Workspace is a digital workspace management solution that provides comprehensive device management capabilities for organizations of all sizes. It unifies tools, teams, and processes. It delivers the industry's broadest set of IT automation and vulnerability remediation technologies to optimize management of endpoints allowing IT teams to support all end user workspaces efficiently and securely.

To help organizations understand the potential business value of HCL BigFix Workspace, we developed a value estimator tool. The tool allows you to input basic details about your environment and quantify the typical benefits in four key categories:

  • Productivity Gains from IT Optimization: HCL BigFix Workspace helps speed IT operations and improve productivity of staff managing desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Our surveys have shown that unifying endpoint management can improve IT productivity by 35-60%.
  • IT Cost Reductions: Reducing the cost savings from consolidating disparate endpoint management tools is estimated, including cost savings from software licenses, infrastructure costs and engineering support.
  • Employee Experience: By providing self-help options and faster issue resolution, HCL BigFix Workspace improves workforce experience. The value estimator looks at the value of enhancing employee satisfaction through self-service, endpoint self-healing capabilities and deflecting 25-30% of help desk calls.
  • Security Risk Reduction: According to a recent Verizon report, 70% of security breaches originate at the endpoint. HCL BigFix Workspace can help reduce security risks associated with end user devices and speed vulnerability remediation. The tool estimates security risk reduction and savings of automating vulnerability remediation.

By quantifying savings across these four areas, the value estimator helps IT teams build a case for change and explain the value of BigFix to executives and other stakeholders.

Realize true value

Organizations worldwide have successfully implemented BigFix and realized significant benefits. For example, a large Fortune 500 company with over 40,000 employees deployed HCL BigFix across its global operations.

The company was able to:

  • Decrease time to patch vulnerabilities from 30 days to less than 1 day
  • Reduce IT service desk tickets by 27%
  • Save over $2 million in annual IT costs

"With BigFix, we have reduced the time to remediate known exploited vulnerabilities from 30 days to less than one day. This has dramatically improved our security posture." - Chief Information Security Officer

Don’t delay, take the next step

HCL BigFix Workspace delivers significant value across productivity gains, risk reduction, cost savings, employee experience and IT optimization. The HCL BigFix Workspace Value Estimator provides a quick and easy way to quantify the potential benefits for your specific organization.

By completing just a few fields based on your current environment, the value estimator calculates likely benefits across several categories. The summary output arms you with the details that can help you build a compelling business case, secure budget, and drive support across the organization.

We encourage you to spend just a few minutes with the BigFix Workspace Value Estimator to uncover the potential value. The clear financial justification can ensure your digital workspace project is approved.

For more information about the value of BigFix or use of this estimator, call your BigFix Sales Specialist.

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