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In my last article with Gary Clewes “Customer experience struggle… resolved!” we looked at how and why people struggle with online experiences and what we can do to resolve this. In this short article I want to delve deeper into a specific topic, the ‘rage-click’ and what HCL discover can do to highlight this missed opportunity to mitigate CX frustration.

How much is great CX worth?

With more than 75% of online shoppers making purchases more than once a month, this equates to an estimated $500bn+ revenue stream for business in 2022 both in Europe and the USA.

We know that 74% of consumers (Forbes / Arm Treasure Data) are at least somewhat likely to purchase based on customer experience alone, so what does this mean in lost revenue for those that customers that abandon a website purchase frustrated?

The answer to this question is we don’t know, however what we do know is that for every company it’s different and there are edge cases not being addressed in CX testing that are key to driving this frustration and lost revenue.

CX frustration may be related to key issues such as:

  • Desktop and Mobile experiences are inconsistent
  • Personalisation introduces inconsistences between customer segment experiences

In both these situations the customer frustration and eventual abandon can be related rage-click (or tap), a customer believing a page component such as an image, button, link, control slider or similar can be interacted with; perhaps dwell time waiting for a component to be available.

credit estimation

Consistent CX is key to brand relationship and revenue streams

To put this into perspective (Wunderman Thompson) cite 42% of customers say a seamless experience across all devices and channels is a top expectation while only 11% of decision-makers see seamless, omnichannel experiences as the most important factor when delivering quality experiences. That’s a big delta and understanding the reason for the poor CX is key.

HCL Discover allows companies to understand and give insight to the customer’s journey, identify, and quickly resolve a customer’s struggle, in our situation this can be a rage-click and highlight and pre-empt future customer experience challenges.

We want to understand the rage-click incidents as not only do we know that this leads to a loss of revenue and CX frustration but more than 60% of customers look for self-service first, instead of contacting a live agent. (Microsoft). Contacting a live agent will also further impact revenue.

Addressing rage-click

HCL Discover delivers sophisticated reporting and filtering to monitor & track any changes in behavioural patterns (e.g., rage-clicks). Where they happen, when they happen and to whom. It provides highly configurable components to meet the tailored online experiences regardless of the technical stack used.

Setup alerts and thresholds so department or team can be alerted to any situations in the data collected that may be the result of a loss of revenue as customers are unable to proceed with an online application, as an example.

applications with struggle

From reporting dashboards, we can dive into the behavioural pattern data at a customer session level, utilising HCL Discovers Search and Replay functionality.

Replay allows customers to look at consumer sessions and delve into what the customer experienced along their online web journey, highlighting the rage-click. While in Replay, utilise heatmap, form field overlays and attention maps to get a broader picture at the point of other struggles that may have also led to an abandon.

The situation of ‘rage-clicks’ is just one example of CX struggle, most customer journey’s involve complex struggle use cases where HCL Discover’s agile configuration and capabilities can be instrumental in addressing.

Want to tap into the power of HCL Discover to gain deep insight to your consumers experience online? Understand the WHY and WHAT of your consumers struggle?

Start your journey here

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