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As an online vendor, managing post-order processes is crucial to create a seamless experience for your customers. This is where your HCL Commerce solution is ready to assist you with the enhanced post-order management capabilities that were launched with our recent 9.1.12 release.

With these new features, you can manage the entire lifecycle of an order from start to finish. In fact, we make this even easier for you as this works at both the order line level (or SKU level) and at the order level. Whether it’s a simple modification or a full return, your HCL Commerce solution supports you.

Here’s how the new post-order management capabilities work:

Enabling Quick and Easy Order Modifications
HCL Commerce now allows both customers and customer service representatives (CSRs) to modify all aspects of an order quickly and easily. This feature enables customers to make changes to their orders with no hassle, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. This also allows CSRs to make quick, efficient changes to orders, which can reduce the workload for customer support teams.

Keeping Customers Happy with Appeasements
Sometimes things don’t go as planned and customers encounter issues with their orders. To help keep customers happy, HCL Commerce enables you to provide appeasements such as shipping discounts, product discounts, or personalized offers. This feature allows you to keep customers happy and engaged, which can also increase customer loyalty.

Confirming Eligibility and Initiating Returns with RMAs
When a customer needs to return a product, HCL Commerce makes it easy with its Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) feature. The RMA feature confirms eligibility for returns and allows you to initiate the return process seamlessly. With this feature, you can track returns from start to finish, ensuring that customers have a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, HCL Commerce’s new post-order management capabilities provide a comprehensive addition to your commerce solution for managing the entire lifecycle of an order. From enabling quick and easy order modifications to providing appeasements and initiating returns with RMAs, HCL Commerce has you covered. With these new features, you can create a seamless experience for your customers and build customer loyalty even when things don’t go smoothly.

Learn more about our 9.1.12 release.

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