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HCLSoftware is delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of HCL Commerce Cloud 9.1.14. Packed with an array of features and improvements, this new version of our solution brings additions that are set to transform your e-commerce experience.

Multilingual Search Capability Added: A European Delight

In this release, we've enhanced our search functionality by introducing support for ten new languages, catering specifically to our European audience. Now, customers can browse and search seamlessly in their preferred language, including Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish. Say hello to a more inclusive and personalized shopping experience!

Introducing our New B2B Storefront

The unveiling of our new B2B Storefront, affectionately referred to as “Ruby,” marks a significant milestone in this release. Our new B2B Storefront combines a sleek design with robust features, setting the stage for a host of exciting advancements and capabilities. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance this storefront, shaping the future of B2B e-commerce.

Enhanced Analytics and Tracking with Google Analytics 4

Empowering businesses with deeper insights, we've upgraded both our B2C and B2B storefronts to Google Analytics 4, surpassing the capabilities of Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 offers a more comprehensive data reporting experience, allowing you to gain valuable insights into customer interactions at various stages of the buying process.

From web page interactions to content engagement, it's all about granularity. Plus, now you can effortlessly track web usage across third-party platforms like YouTube and Facebook, without the need for any additional code. Say goodbye to the constraints of Google Tag Manager and embrace a new era of tracking.

Empowering Customer Service with Enhanced Tools

In this release, we've empowered Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with the ability to grant appeasements on any order, regardless of its status. This enhancement streamlines the customer support process, ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and your valued customers.

Page Composer: Empowering Creativity and Consistency

If you are looking for streamlined content management and a more consistent user experience, this upgrade will thrill you. Page Composer now offers enhanced capabilities by making all components, pages, and content inheritable. This means that your creations can now be easily replicated and adapted, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, Page Composer now boasts Store Asset Store (SAS) support, ensuring that all e-sites inherited from the selected SAS will inherit pages, layouts and layout assignments in a read-only mode.

To learn more about the 9.1.14 release, watch our release video and read our detailed release notes.

And keep your eyes peeled for updates on our upcoming 9.1.15 release, just around the corner. We're eager to share even more exciting innovations with you.

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