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At HCL Commerce, we are very proud to announce that we medaled in 11 out of 12 categories in the recently published 2022 Paradigm B2B Combine Report for Digital Commerce Solutions.

The Paradigm B2B report is diligently orchestrated by Andy Hoar, founder of Paradigm B2B, an eminent B2B analyst, and one of the world’s leading authorities on B2B eCommerce business and strategy.

His Paradigm B2B Combine reports are very strong contributions to the Digital Commerce field and gives leading B2B companies an excellent tool when deciding on a vendor to partner with for future ecommerce endeavors.

The report evaluates each vendor on 12 different categories. Special weighting in the evaluation of each criterion is given to the “voice of the customer”. It’s done via market feedback that Andy Hoar gathered directly from dozens of vendor partners and clients. This evaluation process makes us particularly proud: Again, we are recognized by our customers whose needs and success are at the center of everything we do and plan.

Download the 2022 Paradigm report today and see how we rank on all 5 Strategic Pillars and 7 Product Capabilities:

The medal that is dearest to our heart is the GOLD medal in VISION AND STRATEGY which is rated EXCEPTIONAL.

We have a very strong passion for building and using the best technology in order to help our customers sell more, but we also want to make sure that the technological initiatives we take align with our customers’ needs and expectations for the future.

That’s why customer involvement in our road map process is of high importance to us, along with working with experts in commerce trends to spot future areas of growth for our customers.

One of our latest additions to our Commerce platform is our marketplace capabilities where the capabilities themselves were prioritized by our customers to secure them a rapid go-to-market possibility in this emerging field.

Right now, we are looking into areas that could look a little distant on paper, but who knows when – for example – the metaverse will be something we all adhere to and buy from.

We are getting ready, anyway, and are evaluating existing metaverse strategies to come up with new innovative ways to help our customers become successful in whatever emerging area ends up being the next not-to-miss platform.

Both marketplaces and the metaverse were important pillars on our latest HCL Commerce Global Summit in Chicago in July 2022.

If you missed it and want to learn more about marketplaces, the metaverse or how we help our customers sell more, please reach out and I will share our thoughts – and maybe a little video snippet from the presentations that were shared by the experts at the HCL Commerce Global Summit.


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