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At HCL Commerce we have invested heavily into making it easier to sell, helping our clients reduce the complexity in their digital commerce business – we are all-in on cloud-native commerce for that very reason! It also drives how we think about our partnerships with independent software vendors — because our goal is to make life easier for our clients and we seek out technology partnerships that complement that goal.

Our partnership with PunchOut2Go is the perfect example. As you probably know, integrating eCommerce solutions like HCL Commerce with punchout capabilities is a painful process – it requires significant time and effort to execute and maintain.

PunchOut2Go for HCL Commerce Solution

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The PunchOut2Go for HCL Commerce solution is a managed service that authenticates users from eProcurement systems into HCL Commerce. The user shops, builds a cart, and ultimately transfers the shopping cart data securely back into their eProcurement systems to seamlessly create a purchase requisition. From there, when the order is approved, PunchOut2Go translate the PO in a variety of data formats and protocols such as cXML, EDI, iDoc, XM, etc., and route back into HCL Commerce or the merchant’s ERP. Additional services and solutions are available for purchase order acknowledgments, advanced ship notices, and electronic invoice integrations.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generated By integrating the PunchOut2Go solution with the HCL Commerce platform, we significantly reduce the time it takes to get our clients up and selling regardless of the eProcurement solution being used. All the while providing a seamless buying experience for eProcurement users.

The result is less time maintaining integrations for eProcurement solutions (PunchOut2Go handles all of that for you) and more time focused on creating unique customer experiences, promoting and merchandising products and services, and generally growing the business.

PunchOut2Go also helps future-proof your B2B business by taking on the integrations for any new eProcurement solutions or technologies.

Click here to learn more about PunchOut2Go and HCL Commerce partnership

If you are a current HCL Commerce client and want to learn more about the PunchOut2Go integration, please complete the contact form and a solution specialist from PunchOut2Go will be in touch.

If you are a current PunchOut2Go client and want to learn more about HCL Commerce please complete our contact form and we’ll have an HCL Commerce specialist reach out to you soon.

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