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E-commerce is seeing a major challenge in today’s privacy-first world: meeting consumers’ personalization expectations while maintaining regulatory compliance. Restrictions on third-party data lead to less personally identifiable information (PII). This creates a guessing game for e-commerce brands as more and more shoppers are anonymous. ZineOne solves this problem with a privacy-compliant solution that leverages AI and ML to understand in-session behavioral insights and identify a consumer’s purchase propensity. 

ZineOne’s powerful solution is now available on the new HCL SoFy 2.0. Now HCLSoftware clients can experience the pioneer of in-session marketing and ZineOne’s Customer DNA™ technology — a proprietary system that automatically synthesizes clickstream data to predict behaviors in real-time for anonymous and known consumers within five clicks. 

With the intent in hand, ZineOne segments consumers into categories of likely buyers, unlikely buyers, and influenceable (on-the-fence) shoppers. This level of insight enables greater targeting, such as real-time offers generated by HCL Commerce Promotions for those on-the-fence visitors in need of a nudge to convert. 

Top Men’s Clothing Retailer Increases Sales with Intent Signals

Site-wide promotions can be a double-edged sword: increasing conversions but depleting profit margins. A leading men’s clothier wanted to transition away from sitewide promotions and towards real-time offers — a strategy that required an external solution. The retailer turned to ZineOne to unlock new segments across their web traffic (anonymous and known), allowing them to upsell to likely buyers via product recommendations, save promotional budget by suppressing discounts to those unlikely to purchase, and deploy real-time offers to visitors who are still deciding whether or not to proceed. 

By leveraging ZineOne’s in-session marketing with HCL Commerce, the clothing retailer was able to improve conversion rates across a dozen use cases, resulting in a 12x return on investment within the first year of implementation. 

Major U.S. Department Store Generates $52 Million in Incremental Revenue 

Powered by ZineOne’s ML models, a top-tier U.S. department store was able to capture real-time trending data across product views, purchases, and inventory. This detail empowered the retailer to empower their product pages with conversion-driving social proof for site visitors, including: 

  • Item availability
  • Number of consumers who’ve added the item to their cart
  • Number of people who’ve recently purchased this product
  • Display of products that are trending overall or in a particular region

The department store used this strategy coupled with HCLSoftware to deploy personalized experiences that leveraged social validation to instill urgency and reduce product confusion. This resulted in the store generating $52 million in incremental revenue as they proactively surfaced peer proof to enhance confidence in consumer purchases. 

These are just some of the successes that ZineOne and HCLSoftware have helped eCommerce brands realize. With an average purchase conversion rate lift of 30%+, revenue growth of 10%, and return on investment of 10–20x, the ZineOne platform has proven to be the solution to our privacy-first world. Learn more about ZineOne and its in-session marketing capabilities. 

Why are we excited about ZineOne being part of SoFy 2.0? 

As a key product in HCLSoFy catalog, we at ZineOne are thrilled to provide HCLSoftware clients with a powerful, hands-on experience that delivers more performant recommendation campaigns. By unlocking previously untapped intelligence encoded within in-session micro-behaviors, ZineOne partnering with HCLSoftware will unlock incremental revenue, provide a significant lift in site conversions, and create truly personalized experiences for retailers. 

SoFy’s cloud-native capabilities fit well within the needs of ZineOne’s customers and our own cloud-native platform. With the innovative growth of HCL’s SoFy 2.0, and the emerging martech category of in-session marketing, the time has never been better for this collaboration. Understanding and targeting anonymous and first-time site visitors with next-gen models is now a reality with this partnership. 

What is the value of ZineoOne and HCLSoftware together?

The partnership with ZineOne and HCL Software brings tremendous value to top e-commerce brands. By using ZineOne’s proprietary AI/ML technology to analyze and learn from each session’s clickstream data, HCL products such as HCL Commerce can deliver highly personalized experiences. Things like increasing order lines, lifting purchase conversion rates, and avoiding profit margin depletion through site-wide offers can all be enabled through this partnership. HCLSoftware together with ZineOne can help retailers trigger targeted promotions in real-time to influence a shopper’s purchase decision while they are still in session. 

ZineOne’s patented CustomerDNA™ technology maps individual buyer behavior to machine learning models to discover buyer intent within 5 clicks. Through the segmentation of shoppers who are on-the-fence, you can trigger any HCL action in real-time. The cloud-native platforms of both HCL and ZineOne make actioning of event streaming data seamless and fast. With HCL you can then A/B test and measure lift with tremendous results — like a 20% lift in revenue per visitor. 

Visit HCL SoFy to learn more about ZineOne and in-session marketing with HCL Commerce.


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