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Precision marketing: Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you know the concept well. You strive to give your customers exactly what they’ve come to expect — when and where they expect it. And now, we’re letting you in on a little trade secret: a key factor in delivering a dynamic, on-demand customer experience begins with personalization.

Discover how “precision marketing” is about to become more… ahem… precise.

At HCL Commerce, we provide our clients with a highly composable commerce solution, with the richest set of commerce capabilities out of the box. Clients can deliver the experience their customers expect and have the flexibility and extensibility to take advantage of an ecosystem that offers additional packaged business capabilities.

In this eBook, we’ll provide a high-level overview of the capabilities that your marketers and merchandisers must have in their toolbox to compete in this digital market.

Come explore how segments can be populated with web and dialog activities as well as by external systems and processes. Organize your customers’ segments within folders in our business tooling. Gain an overarching look at HCL Commerce Precision Marketing Personalization capabilities in HCL Commerce in:

  • Customer segments
  • E-marketing spots
  • Marketing content
  • Web and dialog activities
  • Marketing experiments
  • Search rules and experiments — and more

We don’t just give you the tools and expertise — this will also help your bottom line. By delivering highly personalized customer experiences, online businesses can improve customer satisfaction as well as conversion rates.

You bring the ideas. We’ll bring the technology.

Click here to read the eBook.

Ready to take your own digital personalization journey with HCL Commerce? Contact us.


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