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Exciting news! Two recent analyst reports have named us among the top contenders in the digital commerce platform market. These recognitions reaffirm our understanding of the market and the investments we’ve made in new commerce cloud capabilities. Our recent mentions show how HCL Commerce Cloud has been a massive success and is a footprint of how we’re committed to delivering superior market value and driving business outcomes for our clients.

Let’s dive into what the commerce experts are saying.

Recognized as “Major Contender” by Everest Group
HCL Commerce Cloud has been acknowledged as a Major Contender in the new Everest Digital Commerce Platform PEAK Matrix ® Assessment 2023. Out of 20+ vendors analyzed, HCL Commerce Cloud scored higher in market impact than any other major contender. Specifically, we were recognized for our superb “composable architecture” and “core digital commerce functionalities,” earning us a top spot as best in class. Download the report here.

Named “Technology Leader” in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK MatrixTM  for B2B Digital Commerce Platform, 2023

The accolades don’t end there. HCL Commerce Cloud has also been recognized as a “Technology Leader” in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK MatrixTM  for B2B Digital Commerce Platform, 2023.

Their research included a detailed analysis of the global market regarding short-term and long-term growth opportunities, emerging technology trends, market trends, and future market outlook. The report included 20+ vendors like Salesforce, Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Big Commerce and Shopify.

We scored BIG as one of the Top Three Technology Leaders among the companies analyzed!

HCL Commerce Cloud was called out for our “powerful B2B functionalities” and business scaling features that “helps brands launch new businesses much faster,” to name a few. We feel this title really underscores our platform’s strength: delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for B2B digital commerce. Download the report here.

Our framework and integration capabilities are here now – and in the future!

No wonder HCL Commerce Cloud is called the future of Digital+ businesses. HCL Commerce Cloud provides our clients with the agility and scalability analysts know are needed to meet ever-evolving customer needs and the demands of the future commerce landscape. Our features enable businesses to join the Digital+ economy by merging technologies such as AI, automated learning, and personalization, empowering our customers to stay ahead of the competition. In short, we future-proof the digital commerce architecture for them. We’re the first and last digital commerce platform they’ll ever need! Download our Buyer’s Guide to commerce and get our replatforming advice

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