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For out of the box capability few platforms, if any, can rival the breadth and depth available with HCL Commerce. Chief among these is the ability to create powerful personalized experiences.

HCL Commerce offers a vast array of personalization options using the marketing engine and search rules. When combined, you can create a unique experience at the segment level, or even drive down to 1:1 level personalization for each customer.

Rather than talk about what we can do, we can show you through a demo so you can learn exactly how to personalize two areas of the HCL Commerce default B2C storefront home page called Emerald. While this scenario is not all-encompassing of the Commerce personalization capabilities, it is a good representation of how a client can create a personalization journey.

What you will see:

  1. The first area of the home page being personalized is the hero image, an extremely popular area with possibly the most visibility on any eCommerce site.
  2. The second area is a product recommendations widget.

You will see how you can target these two zones to show different content which will be triggered by a customer adding different items to their cart.

The demo will then take you through the developer experience and how you can extend the capability of Commerce using the REST API. Specifically, we will show you all of the rest endpoints necessary to replicate the targets, triggers and actions that are occurring on the Emerald storefront. By doing so, you will be able to create your own user interfaces and learn the basics of building marketing activities programmatically.

HCL Commerce Personalization Demo

There are a lot of options if you’d like to learn more.

If you would like to talk with someone feel free to reach out on our Contact Us form and if you’d like to set up a bespoke demo on any aspect of the platform just let us know what you want to see here – Request a Demo.

And keep your eye out for more blogs featuring product demos and information!


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