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Do you want hands-on experience with a B2B or B2C marketplace platform? In our latest Getting Started & Making the Most of HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy, we review how you can easily access HCL Commerce Marketplace with a click of a button to explore its capabilities. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions to help you better understand how to leverage this platform as part of your eCommerce efforts.


We covered:

✔  A closer look at the HCL Commerce Marketplace

✔  HCL Commerce Marketplace’s start and vision for the future

✔  How to access HCL Commerce Marketplace on HCL SoFy

✔  How to deploy an HCL Commerce Marketplace sandbox to get hands-on experience

✔  Valuable insights on marketplace functionality

✔  Answers to some of your most FAQs to drive eCommerce success


Below are the FAQs about HCL Commerce Marketplace discussed in the webinar.


Are marketplace functionalities available for both B2B and B2C starter stores or only on Emerald?
Only in the Emerald store today, as of our latest release of HCL Commerce Marketplace. However, in our November release in 2022, we will have some B2B specific integrations.


Do we have an example where multi-sellers support the same product? How will that work?
Not now, but it is something we are working on now. Our data model supports it, but we need to ensure we have convenience tools to make it easy to find those products and that customers are not duplicating them. Stay tuned for new features to support a product with multi-sellers.


Can you change the layout of the cart?
Yes, absolutely!


Are the files downloaded from the HCL Commerce Marketplace in the HCL Dataload format or a different one?
The download file is in the same format needed to update your part of the catalog. So you can download, add, delete, edit, and so on, and then upload that file back to the system to update your catalog.


How does the seller add the products? Is it from the management center? As an operator, can we see what products are added by the seller?
Yes! When you are in the seller dashboard, you can go to the catalog button and click. You can then download your current catalog and filter by category too. It quickly downloads a CSV file, and it shows all your data. You can edit the CSV file and upload it to your catalog to update it in real-time.


What tools are there to manage product Schemas for product data import?
Currently, it is a CSV model, but you can also work directly with our API. We are an API-first application, and we understand many people want to work in different ways. So you can hook your PIM tool directly to our system through APIs. There’s an integration model for that, so that’s one incredibly flexible way for you to manage your products through an external application and have those products fed into our application.


Any PIM tools built into HCL Commerce Marketplace?
No, we don’t currently provide PIM tools for sellers.


Can we have a demo of how the approval process works?
Yes! Contact us by filling out this demo request form.


Can we ignore seller products from being promoted? Can we promote a specific seller?
Yes, HCL Commerce Marketplace has an inclusion and exclusion capability within the management center.


If you missed our webinar or want to watch it again, check out the full recording:


Want to gain access to HCL Commerce Marketplace? Request access here to HCL SoFy to explore its eCommerce solutions with HCL Commerce.

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