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Gartner reports that 64% of customer-facing employees say the market needs a solution that reduces friction and breaks down information silos. In addition, by the end of 2024, organizations adept at delivering a “total experience” strategy will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics.

HCL Total Experience is an all-in-one platform that offers microservices, BPM, CMS and App Development capabilities. It allows you to easily manage microservices and create personalized experiences across all channels. 

By using a microservices architecture, you can eliminate business silos and securely access data and systems, allowing for rapid and scalable innovation. Our Total Experience platform lets you build experiences and streamline services quickly, whether it's on the web, via mobile, IoT, kiosks, branches or call centers.

Unlock Your Data, Eliminate Silos

The Total Experience platform provides essential tools to create outstanding engagement with your key stakeholders, including:

  • Orchestrating front-ends
  • Composing superb experiences
  • Creating and enhancing apps and processes
  • Unlocking silos 
  • Bringing systems into your composable experiences

This is possible through our no-code and low-code tooling for creating applications around your core banking systems, including workflow, security, analytics and much more.  

Develop in a Fraction of the Time 

HCL Total Experience provides a low-code development tool that interacts with microservices to quickly compose and deploy omnichannel apps, such as core functions like digital payments, payroll and lending. 

We also help power transformational services such as AI-based cash flow forecasting, conversational experiences and green banking in a fraction of the time compared to traditional front-end development.  

Deliver Total Experiences Everywhere

Our Total Experience platform allows businesses to create personalized experiences that will delight customers and enhance their overall experience. With new situational apps and workflows, existing processes can be streamlined and integrated with core systems, making conducting business with your organization simpler for customers.

This platform also enables businesses to bring their sites and apps to life with rich contextual images and videos. Practitioners can easily access and embed assets to help customers be productive and engaged via any channel, from self-help videos to personalized promotional images. All applications are created only once, and content and processes are managed centrally, reducing redundancy, complexity and costs, while increasing IT governance.

Thanks to a common microservices layer, tailored experiences can be built for each user, optimizing the customer's journey every time they interact with the company. HCL's Total Experience solution accelerates the creation of a complete experience, supporting role-based experiences and secure delegate administration. Business owners, front-line staff and managers will all receive customized experiences to help optimize the commercial customer experience.

This platform offers a complete experience to customers across all web and mobile touchpoints, as well as their employees' office and call center experiences. Practitioners compose the experiences within a super/micro-app framework, ensuring businesses can now offer a seamless and consistent experience to their customers.

Microservices Made Easy

The modern organization needs to have the ability to seamlessly integrate its microservices and experiences across multiple touchpoints. Our microservices platform is designed to orchestrate, compose, enrich and integrate services while providing API-level support for data, applications, processes and digital content. It can be integrated from any part of the IT infrastructure using a secure REST API.

In a governed environment, anyone in your organization can innovate, including employees not in IT. By unleashing your no-code citizen developers, you can quickly launch new services, promotions and experiences. This frees up your Central IT team to focus on complex transformation initiatives.

To deliver a total experience, you can use our Total Experience platform as the base and add a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Struggle Detection Analytics and Process Observability. With these updates, organizations can leverage AI and user behavior to identify trends and tailor experiences for each customer.


HCLSoftware is uniquely positioned to deliver on your immediate microservices requirements and provide the total experience basis for your next-generation digital experience platform. 

It will bring these microservices to life through tailored experiences (apps, content, and processes) across all your omnichannel touchpoints for customers and employees who interact with them.

For more information about HCLSoftware’s DX solutions, contact us here.

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