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June 30, 2023 – HCL is simplifying its HCL Digital Experience offering and giving customers the opportunity to transition to a proven and predictable consumption-based subscription licensing.

Effective immediately, HCL is removing all Perpetual (PVU and Authorized User) HCL Digital Experience license packages for new license sales. However, DX customers can renew their S&S-associated E-Parts until June 30th, 2024.

After June 30, 2025, all Digital Experience software entitlements will be available only through the HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 consumption-based offering.  For more information please reference Simplified Pricing, More Value: HCL Digital Experience Cloud-Native 9.5 Bundle with User Session Pricing.

HCL Digital Experience End of Marketing (EOM) Offerings
HCL Customer Experience Suite
HCL Digital Experience Manager
HCL Employee Experience Suite
HCL Portal Extend
HCL Portal Enable
HCL Portal Express
HCL Portal Server
HCL Web Content Manager
HCL Web Experience Factory

For the latest information about HCL DX:

  • Subscribe to the latest HCL DX news, interact with peer and HCL practitioners in the HCL DX Q&A forums and DX User Group.
  • Access DX training materials in the HCLSoftware U
  • Take a test drive of HCL Digital Experience 9.5 from the HCL SoFy platform
  • Continue your journey with HCL DX v9.5 and expand your TCO with hundreds of new features, fixes, security updates and Kubernetes capabilities like auto-scaling & self-healing environments.
  • Enroll in a complementary HCL Accelerator program for expert guidance to modernize, upgrade and maximize the business and technical value of your Digital Experience solutions

If you have questions, please contact your HCL sales representative or Business Partner, or contact us directly.

DX Product Team

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