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In my previous blog post, I discussed O-Sure, an auto insurance provider, and its commitment to simplifying the claims process for customers. However, an equally important consideration is the experience of employees, front-line workers and back-end developers.

Enter HCLSoftware Multiexperience DXP, a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances the capabilities of the agents within a dedicated employee portal. This powerful platform enables agents to seamlessly provide quotes, schedule appointments and connect prospects within a unified interface.

HCLSoftware Multiexperience DXP equips the agents with everything necessary to deliver a superior level of service, from managing sales promotions from inception to expiration and staying on top of essential client milestones like anniversaries or birthdays.

The platform evolves into an interactive operational hub, elevating efficiency and ensuring heightened productivity. Notably, it effortlessly scales alongside business growth, mitigating challenges often accompanying expansion.

Our integrated, self-service solutions are designed to cater to the needs of both customers and employees. The true potential of the HCL DX experience solution is vividly illustrated in the accompanying diagram, showcasing innovative approaches to crafting experiences using no-code apps and automation, allowing for headless or headed utilization as per preference.

Business users and IT professionals can confidently create experiences within a self-service environment and a governed framework, reducing the necessity for continuous oversight. Along with Volt Foundry, it empowers non-technical business users to manage integrations seamlessly, eliminating the dependence on third-party software, excess man-hours and the added complexity associated with additional investments.

In the evolving landscape of hybrid workplaces with the advent of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), HCL DX ensures versatility by offering mobile, web, and Progressive Web App (PWA) options for any experience.

Returning to our insurance company example, O-Sure, let’s consider a scenario where an O-Sure agent needs to access crucial prospect information from SalesForce to enrich their agent portal. In this situation, Volt Foundry emerges as the dynamic solution, seamlessly bridging the gap between disparate systems. The Volt Foundry platform streamlines the integration process, empowering non-technical business users to manage data connections and eliminate silos effortlessly. This enhances the agent's ability to provide personalized and informed services and ensures that critical prospect details are readily available at their fingertips.

Furthermore, in the call center context, when the agent requires aggregated ticket information to streamline customer interactions and resolutions, Volt Foundry once again proves invaluable. Volt Foundry enables a holistic view of customer interactions by facilitating smooth integration between the agent portal and the call center systems. This comprehensive insight into aggregated ticket information empowers the agent to deliver a more efficient and tailored service, precisely addressing customer inquiries and concerns.

Volt Foundry effortlessly connects disparate data sources within the O-Sure ecosystem. Whether enriching the agent portal with Salesforce data or aggregating ticket information for the call center, Volt Foundry ensures a cohesive and streamlined experience, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and elevating the overall service quality provided by O-Sure agents.

The need for a collaborative experience becomes apparent when examining the advantages in the insurance context. HCL DX accommodates diverse devices such as wearables, cameras, and thermostats, providing a unified platform that eliminates discrepancies between mobile apps and customer portals, enhancing the quality of engagements for both customers and employees.

We specialize in creating best-in-class mobile solutions and facilitating the development of five-star experiences through a user-friendly point-and-click integration layer. Our approach simplifies the creation, replacement, or modernization of application logic, empowering you to achieve these transformations effortlessly and swiftly in minutes.

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