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You already know that continuous digital innovation empowers today’s organizations to compete for clients with ever-evolving expectations. You probably also know that to achieve steady innovation, you need to tap into the full potential of your workforce. But here’s the catch that all this velocity can bring—increased risk.

Authorizing people throughout your organization to build new solutions unleashes exciting potential, but it must also come with guardrails for doing so in a safe, governed way.

Enter the digital experience composition platform.

What is a Digital Experience Composition Platform?

A digital experience composition platform allows users in your business to access curated tools that combine data from multiple sources (CMS, CRM, DAM, etc). With a composition platform, they can move digital experience projects forward autonomously—creating, managing, and safely delivering them.

What Do Composition Platforms Solve?

When qualified people within your business curate your digital experience composition platform within IT governance guardrails, the talented innovators within your organization can create inspired digital experiences without increasing risk. The right composition platform can:

  • Eliminate frustration from talented employees burdened by legacy technology and a lack of fresh new tools
  • Integrate segregated and dispersed data in a centralized, easily accessible location
  • Enable employee segmentation to ensure receipt of personalized, relevant content to achieve high-level performance
  • Automate actions to increase efficiency and boost employee engagement
  • Facilitate the efficient management of digital assets, making it easier to access and publish content critical to meeting employee and client needs without developers.

Digital Experience

Democratize technology and unleash the existing power within your workforce to solve business problems in a controlled yet autonomous platform. A digital experience composition platform unlocks innovation prowess while minimizing unintentional risk. Intranet admin and other qualified IT team members can validate services, add tools, and adjust parameters as needed, allowing quick assembly of new solutions.

"A composition platform is like a salad bar. Everyone has access To safe, curated ingredients to build a salad to their taste. In other words, they are empowered to assemble solutions that meet their customers’ unique needs within a controlled and safe environment."
Andrew Manby
VP of Product at HCL Digital Solutions

What Outcomes Do Composition Platforms Make Possible?

Digital experience composition platforms put workflows in control of the business, helping your workforce better orchestrate employee journeys through automated workflows—all within a safe context and governed environment.

Digital experience composition platforms might look like updated, mobile-friendly employee portals, multi-channel communication, or hyper-personalized employee journeys.

Digital Experience

A Digital Experience Composition Platform is Like a Salad Bar

Building a composition platform gives the innovators within your organization a curated salad bar, rather than sending them to the supermarket. These individuals will get built-in protection to ensure their activities adhere to company policies while working in an autonomous environment. Think of these as the salad bar’s refrigeration and its sneeze guard. They’ll also get access to essential programs and data, plus specialized tools. Consider these to be the foundational ingredients and fancy salad toppings.

Digital Experience

Digital Experience

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