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Serious enterprises are diligent about vendor risk management to protect their operations and reputation. In this context, it is important to understand the risks associated with Third Party Software Support (TPSS) offered by independent companies competing with the original software vendor’s offerings. A TPSS has no formal business or technical relationship with the original vendor (OEM) whatsoever – they are not a customer, a business partner or recognized service provider.

In January 2024, Allianz published their 2024 Risk Barometer and cyber incidents now top the list!

For any software used in your enterprise, you are dependent on constant, immediate threat protection.

A TPSS offers customers what appears to be a low-cost alternative to the support provided by the software vendor (OEM), however, competing solely on price with no ability to deliver the same outcomes.

One of the challenges for a TPSS is that it does not have access to the necessary information and resources to solve even simple issues, as a TPSS has no legal access to any of the vendor's source code or other intellectual property (IP). In contrast, the vendor has direct access to product design specifications and engineering expertise, which are required to provide comprehensive support. No one knows a software program more intimately than its developer.

Keep in mind that if the OEM provides an update/fix for a certain issue, the TPSS does not have any distribution rights for such updates, as they are only available from the OEM for customers that have active support subscriptions with the OEM. A TPSS cannot create an archive of software updates and fixes without violating the OEM copyright – court cases in North America were won by the OEM. Even if a TPSS had access to an update, the software license agreement disbars you from using it without an active software support subscription with the OEM.

Consider the risks if you run into an issue with your use of a particular software program in one of the scenarios below and consider what is needed to resolve it. Typically, the TPSS relies on a range of independent consultants (not employees) and resolving issues will be challenging except for usage questions.

Business Impact


Need IP access?

Can TPSS legally provide?


An issue with the product or service that impacts critical business functionality in your production environment and requires immediate attention.
No procedural workaround is available.




An issue with the product or service that significantly limits functionality and requires prompt attention.
A business deadline may be in jeopardy.




An issue or question related to the product or service that has low impact on business operations.




A question (possibly non-technical) that has no impact on your business operations.



One more risk is the potential for data breaches. A TPSS may not have the same level of data security awareness, which may lead to data breaches and theft of sensitive information and result in serious consequences for both the business and its customers, including financial losses, loss of trust, damage to the business’s reputation, legal and compliance repercussions. The TPSS has no ability to remediate any security issue discovered in the product compared with the OEM creating a fix with thorough testing.

TPSS Claims for Support Services for HCLSoftware Products

TPSS claims

Why should you be concerned?

Why HCLSoftware Support pays for itself!

Customer Entitled Updates & New Versions

Contractually, HCLSoftware doesn’t permit downloads of new releases, fixes or updates without an active support agreement in place and without active support you have no right to use the updates or fixes.
How will you obtain this software by deciding to choose a TPSS?

With HCLSoftware Support you have access to the latest fixes/updates, and the assurance you will receive timely fixes.
Additionally, Support provides access to new releases and features as per HCLSoftware product roadmaps.

New OS & HW Support

Eventually, all operating system versions become obsolete!
Without any source code, how can a TPSS test and optimize your existing software for a new OS release?

HCLSoftware certifies on the latest OS releases after testing for compatibility and functionality, ensuring our products continue to operate at their best and are secure.

Large fixes & Security patches

How will a TPSS be able to provide fixes and security patches without the source code and ensure the same level of security and regression testing as HCLSoftware?

HCLSoftware development teams do stringent testing on every fix and patch we provide to our customers to satisfy organizations in regulated industries and governments.

Enterprise Technical Support

A TPSS is a mix of different people with different experience levels. While they may address usage questions, a TPSS has no ability to remedy software issues.

HCLSoftware Support is a large team of technical experts working continually and directly with our proprietary code. HCLSoftware uniquely has the full knowledge of all components to debug, support and maintain its products.
Since 2019, HCLSoftware Support has achieved all time high NPS > 75 and CSAT of > 9.3.

Security & Vulnerability Protection

A TPSS does not have the in-depth knowledge about architecture and interfaces, nor the testing environment to diagnose and mitigate security issues.

HCLSoftware’s entire development, testing and security process is governed by strict CFIUS best practices ensuring you are running your business securely.

In conclusion, while a TPSS may offer lower direct costs, they fall short in key areas. Customers should carefully consider the level and quality of support they require, and whether a TPSS is the best option for their specific needs. Ultimately, the decision to use TPSS should be made with caution, as it will not always be the most reliable or effective solution.

Protecting your business is HCLSoftware’s top priority. Make the right choice when it comes to your support partner. Subscribing to HCLSoftware Support keeps your investment current and protects your business continuity and data security.

If you have questions about your Support options, please contact your HCL sales representative, or business partner.

Learn more about HCLSoftware Support.

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