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HCLSoftware is excited to introduce our latest innovation – coming in late 2023. With the release of v14 for our rapid application development platform-, HCL Domino and HCL Notes, our Early Access Program (EAP) for these two solutions is now open! Join this exclusive program for our preferred customers and business partners to test the software in your own environments before the official release.

Your enrollment in this exciting EAP will ensure a smooth transition to the latest version, a release that brings significant enhancements to the core components driving the platform. Here in this third drop, we’ll explore the highlights of EAP3 and the key features that are set to revolutionize the way you work with HCL Domino and HCL Notes.

The previous versions of the Domino EAs have been covered in these two webinars:

EA 1 -

EA 2 -

HCL Domino 14 EA3

Here are some of the key features and functions we’re most excited about in the upcoming new release of Domino v14.

AutoUpdate– Keeping You Current

For Domino admins, keeping servers up to date followed a traditional, manual process. With Version 14, AutoUpdate will notify you when a new version is available, download it, and even allow you to schedule the update. This streamlined process keeps you and your team current with enhancements, fixes and security updates.

Passkeys – A New Era of Authentication

The dreaded password resets are such a hassle for end users and IT support staff alike. But now, HCL Domino takes the outdated process and revolutionizes it with Passkeys, a new way to sign into apps and websites. Our more secure and user-friendly method allows authentication via fingerprints, face scans or screen lock PINS. By implementing Passkey authentication with Domino, we can help enhance the security of your web apps.

AdminCentral User Management– Simplifying User Administration

How about a user-friendly way to manage Notes users and groups across your Domino deployment? With AdminCentral, you will be able to access various platforms including mobile, enabling administrators to make updates and monitor server health from anywhere!

Get more information on Domino V14.

HCL Notes

We didn’t forget about our longstanding loyal Notes fans! There’s something for everyone here in the new version. Here are some of our most notable updates.


The pandemic has made virtual meetings a daily routine…the new normal. With an increased reliance on virtual meetings, HCL Notes has introduced a “Join” button in the calendar notification to ensure you never miss a meeting. It’s a small but impactful change that enhances your productivity.

Notes Federated Login

Thanks to our customer requests, Notes Federated Login is now more secure. Users are no longer able to exit the login screen to access their file and password to authenticate. This ensures a robust security practice, no matter where the user is.

Restyle – Modernizing Legacy Applications

Notes applications have been in use for decades, making a simplified process of updating user interfaces a real need. Restyle in EA3 brings further enhancements such as the ability to update shared fields, action buttons and more.

Get all the information you need on the Notes v14 updates.

HCL Traveler

HCL Traveler 14.0 provides security improvements to the Traveler homepage and an install package for IBM AIX. Additionally, a Traveler docker image for Traveler 14.0 is available for flexibility and ease of use. The following features are new in HCL Traveler 14.0 and here just in time for Early Access Program Drop 3.

Security improvements to the Traveler home page

Inline CSS styles and JavaScript were removed from the Traveler home page to support a more secure Content-Security-Policy header. Environments with an existing Content-Security-Policy header set for the Traveler home page should remove the 'unsafe-inline' values of the style-src and script-src policy directives and set them to 'self' instead, as described in step 6b of Manually configuring the HTTP server.

Support for Traveler 14.0 running on Domino 14.0 on IBM AIX

Included with the Traveler 14.0 Early Access 3 delivery is an install package for IBM AIX. Traveler supports the same operating system levels and architecture as Domino 14.0 (see Domino 14.0 system requirements article).

Docker container image for Traveler 14.0 running on Domino 14.0

Included with the Traveler 14.0 Early Access 3 delivery is an HCL Traveler docker image built on top of the 14.0 HCL Domino Container image. For more information, see the HCL Domino Docker documentation. Because the Traveler Docker image is built on top of the Domino docker image, all the existing procedures for loading, configuring, managing and maintaining the Docker-based Domino server still apply. In addition, there are a few considerations for configuring and using Traveler.

Get more information on Traveler.


Domino Designer Source Code Integration:

Domino Designer has been a vital tool for developers. With Source Code Integration in Designer, teams can experience the benefits of the new YAML format for source code control, making the development process more efficient and collaborative.

Get more information on Designer.

Your invitation: Become an early adopter

The HCL Domino and HCL Notes V14 Early Access Program brings improvements to the platforms making them easier to use, more secure and feature rich. With streamlined updates to enhanced security and more modern applications, there is something beneficial for everyone, from your admins to your developers. To learn more about the features and updates, you can visit the official links provided with each solution in the My HCLSoftware portal or from Flexnet.

Don’t forget to provide your feedback on the Early Access Program forum to help us shape the future of HCL Domino and HCL Notes. We hope these new features have piqued your interest about what’s happening in HCL Domino V14 EA3! Use these links to get the complete picture and learn more details.

Notes -

Domino -

Traveler -

Designer -

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