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Browser Updates Necessitate a New Domino Nomad Release

Web browser updates happen often, typically to enable new features, but more importantly, to patch ongoing security vulnerabilities. For instance, Google Chrome’s latest release addresses 37 known security issues. While new browser releases are necessary, these releases can sometimes impact our product performance unexpectedly.

As an example, new browser versions recently released by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge broke Nomad for their respective web browsers. In less than a week, our development team fixed, successfully tested, and released Nomad v1.0.6 to address these issues. You can read more about the problem resolution in this article.

What else is included in Nomad v1.0.6?

Read all about it in the What’s New, but some key things to highlight:

  • The Nomad Server is now available for Domino v12.0.2, pre-bundled with the Nomad for Web v1.0.6 client. The Nomad server is a simple add-on, installed on your Domino server, allowing Nomad to access your Domino applications.
  • The new Restyle feature, included in Domino v12.0.2, lets you easily modernize the look and feel of your Domino applications, and now Nomad supports Restyle for Navigators and Launch options too.

Use your Domino apps to work anywhere

By now, we hope you and your Notes and Domino application users are running HCL Nomad in a browser, tablet, or mobile device. All those sleek applications, developed by you over the years to increase business efficiency, can now be run unchanged in a web browser, tablet, or mobile device without the full Notes client. Take your Domino apps with you, be more efficient on the go, and work from anywhere.

Can Domino do something better or different for you?

Don’t forget — we value your input! Please do not hesitate to share your ideas in Aha! Ideas portal for improving Nomad or Restyle … or tell us what to focus on next. You can also search for ideas and upvote them to confirm it is a promising idea. We look forward to hearing from you.

Start using Nomad today!

Simply download Nomad for web 1.0.6 from the HCL Sandbox and play around with it. You can create a new app from your template and make sure it works in Nomad. You can also try out our app Restyle capability to see how your app looks in those new clothes. Go on! We know you are dying to try it.

Upgrade your Nomad experience now with our latest release and experience all the benefits Nomad has to offer. Want to learn more about Nomad capabilities? Click here for more info.

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