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HCLSoftware is expanding your development capability by making a number of HCL Domino templates open source to our developer community. Open source allows our Domino developers and partners to freely modify a template, derive a new template based on the original, and potentially share that customization with other developers. This HCLSoftware open-source initiative is a new starting point to support a more open and vibrant developer community recently announced by Richard Jefts, EVP and GM Digital Solutions.

Now with the Apache 2.0 license, this new template customization is readily available. With thousands of Domino developers globally, open sourcing templates (see template list below) enable our developer community the flexibility to decouple templates from our product releases and allow modifications as needed any time.

All open-source templates are provided in HCL Domino/Notes v14 and are made available under the Apache 2.0 license and signed with the HCL OpenSource Signing ID. The Git repository contains the source code for English and other supported language versions contained as downloadable *.ntf here:

Title Source Latest Version Documentation
Discussion SourceCode Download Website
Domino CompareDBs SourceCode Download Website
Lotus SmartSuite Document Library SourceCode Download Website
Document Library SourceCode Download Website
MS Office Document Library SourceCode Download Website
Notebook SourceCode Download Website
RSS Feed Generator SourceCode Download Website
Domino Design Guide SourceCode Download Website
Teamroom SourceCode Download Website
Password Reset Sample SourceCode Download Website


All the source code above uses the new Yaml based OnDiskProjects in Domino Designer. More open-source templates, such as the Domino Configuration Tuner and the Domino Blog template, will be released soon.

HCLSoftware retains ownership of the original, unmodified version of the templates and will control which updates or changes will be merged into the base template. HCLSoftware retains the right to use developer community contributions and incorporate them in future releases.

HCLSoftware provides support only for the original, unmodified template versions shipping with the HCL Domino product. Forks or any modified versions of the code are not officially supported. Users who choose to fork the code or make modifications do so at their own risk and are responsible for any resulting issues or changes. HCLSoftware cannot guarantee assistance or troubleshooting for forked versions, and users are encouraged to refer to the official documentation for guidance on customization and modification. Defect tracking and questions for the unmodified templates will continue to be handled via the normal support process.

Need Help Designing Better Looking Apps?

Creating new or updating existing Domino apps is an integral and core part of application development. Our new HCL Domino Design Guide aims to make it easier and more efficient for developers to ensure consistency and accelerate design and development cycles.

We are announcing the release of our Domino Design Guide containing icons, color schemes, and more to enable developers to build better looking applications.

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