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The digital transformation that forward-looking companies are intent on making requires an app dev platform that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and taps the full potential of their workforce.

The modernization of Domino continues as we support our customer’s journey. Here are just some of the key advantages and value of upgrading your Domino platform. 

1. Access Domino apps from a mobile device 

Domino takes the work-from-anywhere concept to a totally new level. The platform works in the offline mode when there’s no internet or an unreliable connection, so your employees can continue to work even on an oil drilling rig or a cruise ship. Once they get to a location that has a network connection, they can upload their work and synchronize the changes. 

Your team can also tailor their experience based on their preferences and needs, such as building apps that access their device’s camera, files, location, and native mobile gestures. You can also restyle older apps to update the interface to make it easier to use or give it a more modern appearance. To save even more time, you can update multiple apps at the same time. 


2. Create better looking apps in just minutes

Many of our customers have hundreds, or in some cases thousands of apps, built on their Domino platform over time. While these apps still perform their purpose admirably, some apps are showing their age.  Now you can give your Domino apps a makeover. Restyle existing apps with a more modern look and user experience. Apply new themes or update colors.  

Not only can you restyle your Domino apps; you can perform these updates in just minutes. Restyle one app or multiple apps at the same time. 

3. Go cloud native on the cloud of your choice

Historically, many companies have kept their Domino platform on premise. But the need for additional flexibility, scalability and cost control has led many businesses to adopt a cloud-first approach. While some business applications don’t make it easy to migrate, with Domino you can easily move to the cloud of your choice 

While in the initial days of cloud adoption security was a concern, today most companies realize these concerns are unwarranted. Cloud service providers offer very high levels of security and data integrity and make significant investments in resources and technology, along with skilled IT expertise that small and medium-sized businesses just can’t afford on their own.

4. Make everyone a developer

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. Citizen developers represent the present and the future of the modern workplace ecosystem, and there has never been a better time to enable your employees to create market-ready apps in just minutes – no specialized training or coding experience required.  

HCL Domino Leap features drag-and-drop tools and reusable components, which can empower your employees to build apps up to 70% faster without writing a single line of code. Starting with a blank canvas or spreadsheet, employees can quickly test iterations, optimize as necessary, and create finished, market-ready apps in a shortened time frame with minimal training. Start your citizen development journey today by upgrading Domino and adding Domino Leap to your toolbox. Check out the Domino Leap showroom to see what’s possible.

5. Eliminate Notes desktop client upgrades

Would you like to gain additional admin efficiency and save time by eliminating client upgrades. Previously, an installation of Domino Notes Client was required to create apps and databases. Our newest version of Domino allows you to run Notes applications in a standard browser or even on a mobile phone. 

With the new version, your IT staff can reduce their management responsibilities, as there’s no longer a need to upgrade clients or provide desktop support. 

Because the new version runs clientless, IT teams can significantly reduce the time and resources spent managing applications. Fewer help tickets mean your IT team can focus on digital transformation and other customer-facing projects. 

6. Strengthen your Notes and Verse email security

Mail with Notes and Verse isn’t just email – it’s contact management, workflow, and business automation all in one. It’s critical to operational efficiency and employee collaboration. Unfortunately, email remains the single biggest threat to business as disruptions from viruses, phishing attacks, and malware can bring a business to a complete standstill. 

Supercharge your email security with new features including: 

  • Reduce endpoint threats connect your Domino server to a chosen virus scanning service using ICAP protocol.  
  • Confirm inbound emails not altered in transit with DKIM support. 
  • Prevent email spoofing used in phishing and spam through Sender Policy Framework support. 


As the complexity and scale of corporate email attacks continue to evolve, upgrading to the latest Domino/Notes release is a no-brainer.  


HCL Domino continues to evolve to meet the needs of a modern business. We have delivered over 700 new features over the past four years. Domino, along with Domino Leap, gives you the power to transform your business with rapid application development, secure email, citizen development and extends the reach of your Domino applications to wherever your employees are working. Upgrading your Domino software to the latest release enables you to take advantage of all the value built into our app dev platform, as well as keeping your employees and business secure. 


Get more information on upgrading Domino here. 

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