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The moment has arrived! We're beyond excited to share the news of a significant milestone in our journey together – the launch of HCL Domino v14! This release is more than just an update. It's a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a seamless, innovative collaboration experience for you.

Join us for an exploration into the very heart of HCL Domino v14. We’ll unravel the layers of innovation, discover the functionalities that set this release apart, and witness firsthand how it's poised to transform your digital experience.

HCL Domino Server

In this latest release, we are thrilled to share that we have made significant investments in the core of the product. By upgrading compilers to the latest versions and our Java runtime to version 17 LTS, we strategically ensure that our systems are running on the latest technology, which will enhance the overall performance and capabilities of your applications.

What’s in for you?

HCL Domino v14 introduces seamless integration with popular tools and platforms, fostering a unified environment for enhanced productivity.

  • Expanded Out-of-Box Offerings
    You get more, right out of the box. Add-on components like HCL Verse, HCL Nomad and the beautiful Ontime Group Calendar are now included in the product installer. Furthermore, customers with a CCB license gain limited access to HCL Domino Leap, our no-code development environment tailored for citizen developers. We empower you to effortlessly construct new workflow applications.
  • AutoUpdate – Effortless Server Maintenance
    For Domino admins, keeping servers up to date was a traditional, manual process. With Version 14, AutoUpdate takes the reins by notifying you of new versions and downloading updates and even allows for scheduled updates. Stay current effortlessly with enhancements, fixes and security updates. (Thanks to Rudi for his idea in our Domino ideas portal!)
  • Passkey Authentication – Securely Log in with a Smile HCL Domino is changing the security paradigm by introducing Passkeys, a revolutionary approach to accessing apps and websites! This modern and user-friendly tool redefines authentication, allowing users to sign in through fingerprints, face scans or screen-lock PINs. By integrating Passkey authentication with Domino, we’ve elevated the security of your web apps. (Thanks to Heiko for this and Fredrik for that idea!)
  • AdminCentral – Streamlining User Administration
    AdminCentral introduces a user-friendly way to manage Domino users and groups across your deployment. Now your administrators can manage users and updates and monitor server health from anywhere, including mobile. (This feature is based on several ideas like this one from Matteo and this one from Ales!)

There are even more exciting improvements YOU have been waiting for, such as our self-healing DAOS repository for clustered servers (as proposed here by Daniel!), adding support for IBM i7.5 (thanks to Roberto for this request!), enhancing DAOS, improving Domino Backup, IDVault/OIDC, streamlined the Domino Installer options, etc.

A more comprehensive overview of all the new features and enhancements can be found here. Besides all these new features, the new release also provides 326 bug fixes. For more details, please refer to our Fix List Database.

HCL Domino Designer

We’re not done! We also have great news for developers as HCL Domino Designer 14 arrives to tackle your source control and Git team development challenges head-on.

  • Domino Designer 14 introduces all-new source control tooling and round-trip safe handling of on-disk projects for development teams and CI/CD pipelines. (Special regards to the developer community who demanded this feature!)
  • Restyle – Modernizing Legacy Applications
    Notes applications have been in use for decades, making a simplified process of updating user interfaces a real need. The latest Restyle feature brings further enhancements such as the ability to update shared fields, action buttons and more. Give your apps a facelift in a matter of seconds.
  • Designer for Mac or Linux? Just run it in your browser!
    With Nomad 1.0.10 shipping in just a few days, you will be able to run Designer in your browser and thereby run it even on MacOS or Linux. (The idea was originally proposed here by Radi!)

In response to everyone’s valuable feedback, HCL Domino v14 introduces a host of enhancements you've requested, ensuring a more seamless and user-friendly experience, such as adding Proxy Support for NotesHTTP classes as requested here by Ulrich, or removing the 32k limit for text fields as suggested here by Sebastian. For a full list of what’s new, refer to our documentation.

News on Domino Rest APIs

If you’re a customer who utilizes Domino Rest API’s, you’ll love this next announcement!

We have just published new software development kits (SDKs) for Node , NodeRed, and Go , as well as the Admin UI. All of these SDK’s are open-source and assist software developers in interfacing with Domino using their preferred programming language.

HCL Notes

Just as the server underwent a transformative upgrade, our HCL Notes clients received a substantial upgrade of the Java runtime to Java 17 LTS and compilers.

Noteworthy additions include support for Apple M2 chips and MacOS 14.x Sonoma and transition to a 64-bit client – of course with the well-known Panagenda MarvelClient already included in HCL Notes and Nomad.

Just a few highlights of what’s new in the HCL Notes client:

  • Improved Usability
    We continue to improve the client workspace and are providing the ability to reorganize workspace pages (as requested here by Atsushi!), improved the ease of using settings dialog, and more.
  • Mail Merge
    This long-awaited feature is now a reality! HCL Notes introduces MailMerge (thanks to I.F. for his idea!).
  • Notes Federated Login
    Security takes a leap forward. Users are no longer able to exit the login screen to access their file and password to authenticate, ensuring robust security practices regardless of the user’s location.

Get all the information here you need on what’s new in Notes v14 updates.

Even more news

  • HCL Traveler and HCL Enterprise Integrator and HCL Domino Administrator were also upgraded with the same spirit using the latest compilers, now powered by Java 17.
  • HCL Sametime 12.0.2 was also released today. The release introduces an Admin dashboard, simplifying policy management and offering an analytic dashboard. Embrace new privacy settings, complex passwords and simplified managed charts deployment and the long-requested features to support reactions and allow for message deletion.
  • HCL Verse has undergone updates addressing user requests for enhanced privacy controls. Additionally, users can now anchor the folder panel, and a refreshed Rich Text editor has been implemented.
  • In the spirit of continuous improvement, Domino License Analysis Tool (DLAU) has been updated to version 1.2.1, addressing reported issues.

Get started today!

The wait is finally over. All of these Domino V14 software packages and components are available for download NOW on the HCL License & Download Portal, and in our new My HCLSoftware Portal.

With the revelation of V14, we invite you to personalize this experience. Download it, delve into its features, and make it an integral part of your daily victories by upgrading to Domino V14.

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