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As business environments are growing increasingly complex, having accurate, consolidated, and real-time insights into operational performance is vital to measure the performance of the business. With accurate and timely reporting of such business controls, organizations can identify critical operational issues that affect the desired business outcomes for key stakeholders. Timeliness and accuracy are crucial to enable support units to proactively resolve issues.

Many of these controls today are still derived manually but a systematic, timely, and consistent approach is vital to proactively monitor business performance. Thus, the status of these controls are critical deciding factors to proactively address gaps and understand the performance of critical value chains.

The ability to provide roll-up and consolidate views for different personas is also important to ensure the views are provided with the right level of granularity and context. However, most enterprises fail to consolidate and roll-up and access their real-time reports at varying visibility levels with context across their value chains. This precludes an accurate enterprise view of key controls from operational to executive levels. This results in a loss of time in the resolution of key issues, which in turn results in operational inefficiency and reputational impact.

Enterprises thus need to integrate their real-time monitoring system with a customizable enterprise-wide control overview. Holistic reporting of controls on a single and sacrosanct platform can help them accurately measure their efficiency, which in turn would help to achieve the desired business goals. Here are a few additional benefits of having a next-generation, holistic control observability capabilities integrated into your business:

Reduced costs and increased revenue: Controlling costs relies largely on the ability to identify small issues before they escalate into large and expensive ones. The end-to-end and granular level control observability aids proactive alert and remediation of smaller issues with agility. This empowers businesses with continuous efficiency improvement, resulting in more revenue-generating services.

Improved customer service: A single sacrosanct repository of easily accessible information enables organizations to accelerate their reaction to events impacting related processes that could lead to missed deadlines and deliveries to high-value customers, and more. The benefits are obvious – increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Unfailing compliance with regulations: Businesses face a multitude of compliance issues — environmental, financial, and security-related due to differing regulatory requirements in various geographies. To keep up with the same, they need reliable reporting of key controls to make sure they are aware of non-compliance. This allows them to better align with their complex compliance needs, limiting the scope for breaches.

Introducing real-time reporting of business controls with DRYiCE iControl Enterprise Control Center 2.0

To empower businesses with smart decisions, innovation, and growth,HCL DRYiCE had designed iControl— a next-gen business flow observability product that provides a flexible overview of business process controls. Purpose-built to streamline escalation and triage of critical systems and processes with timely reporting, the real-time control observability offered by the DRYiCE iControl methodology has also been supporting command centers with agility.

Based on its deep domain experience and several pioneering implementations, HCL DRYiCE has now redefined this industry-leading software product. It now provides a consistent and systematic approach for aggregating and reporting key controls. The newly introduced features empower decision-makers to roll-up controls and get a real-time snapshot of as many as 240+ processes and their performance. The metrics and reports from 700+ KPIs pre-configured in DRYiCE iControl 2.0 offer the information enterprises need to prioritize events for a proactive course to correct and prevent deviation from desired business outcomes. For example, pharma companies can leverage these insights to forecast market demands and optimize production according to the market trend.

With the upgrade, business executives can now also customize their control views. They can drill down deep into specific functions in a particular region to get granular insights into business processes. This facilitates pinpointing specific areas of concern, bridging the gap between deficiencies and remediation. At the same time, this versatile business observability system enables easy access to macro-level and consolidated insights on the performance of business units across different geographies. The CEO, for example, would be interested in knowing the status of the organization in its entirety, while the functional heads would care about the performance of their unit. Likewise, the operations team would be concerned with specific process output that needs to be addressed. DRYiCE iControl 2.0 can help organizations to measure performance at every such desired level of interest.

The ability to observe business activities at different business levels has delivered high-performance across industry verticals. At a leading Fortune 500 financial services firm, for instance, HCL DRYiCE Enterprise Control Center 2.0 streamlined control observability, disparate applications, and intelligent control systems leading to significant efficiency savings.

Way forward

Today, nearly every organization faces a host of challenges owing to inefficient business control monitoring of interdependent business processes. HCL DRYiCE effectively addresses such challenges with the real-time business control reporting capabilities of its Enterprise Control Center 2.0 driven by iControl’s operational flow observability. By providing organizations with intelligent, real-time, and actionable insights, the solution ensures that stakeholders at different business levels can take proactive steps to address issues, improve performance, and future-proof their operations.

As a partner, HCL DRYiCE also helps organizations to ensure that granular measurement capabilities are deployed to rather understand the operations better, not necessarily to evaluate individuals. With our top-down business flow observability solutions backed up by bottom-up control monitoring capabilities, enterprises reach unprecedented heights of excellence. To better understand your critical business flow and dependencies with real-time alerts for actionable results get in touch now.

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