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HCL Launch streamlines the automated deployment of applications for different IT infrastructures and facilitates prompt feedback for continuous delivery. It also offers crucial capabilities such as audit trails, version control, and approval mechanisms to ensure seamless production.

What’s New in Our Continuous Delivery Tool, HCL Launch 7.3.1

Launch 7.3.1 has improved security, z/OS search functions, and additional features. These include DB diagnostic capability, OpenID Connect authentication, and a new Gitlab plug-in. Here are the highlights of these features.

  • OpenID connect authentication mechanism in LDAP authentication realms

    • Authentication types LDAP and AD can now use OpenID Connect as their login mechanism. This applies to LDAP authentication realms.
      OpenID connect authentication mechanism in LDAP authentication realms
    • Disable authentication realms to stop others from logging in. Active sessions and connections using OpenID authentication tokens will remain intact.
      OpenID connect authentication mechanism in LDAP authentication realm
  • DB latency diagnostic

    • Administrators now have access to a new diagnostic feature. This feature allows them to monitor the performance of their database. They can check the DB latency of both on-premises and cloud deployments.
    • To use DB latency feature, please navigate Settings -> Diagnostics -> Database
      DB latency diagnostic
  • GitLab Generic Packages source configuration plug-in

    • The GitLab plug-in enables users to publish files in the Package Registry of projects, generating new versions from packaged files and allowing for optional importing.
      GitLab Generic Packages source configuration plug-in
    • To configure the component, please provide the required access information, including the Project ID and package name.
  • z/OS search report

    • This new report allows users to search for a file or a version across all environments and applications.
    • This report can be found under Reports -> Deployment -> z/OS Search. You can use wildcard syntax (*) or a partial file (case insensitive) or version name (case sensitive).

z/OS search report

HCL Launch, a continuous delivery tool can handle your most complex deployment situations in technically diverse enterprises. Learn how by scheduling a free trial

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