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It’s no secret to software testers that automated test generation (ATG) tools save time and increase efficiency and accuracy. As the complexity of software increases to accommodate industry needs, ATG is expected to experience booming growth, reaching a projected $89.81 billion USD by 2030.

This jump is due to the growing demand for ATG tools to improve testing efficiency, quality, effectiveness, and oversight for data-driven businesses and software developers. In fact, with the right ATG tools, tests can be generated with incredible speed, providing enhanced coverage and identifying issues much sooner than was previously possible. This, in turn, helps software developers and businesses get products to market more quickly, providing a competitive edge.

How ATG Streamlines Software Testing

ATG tools boost testing efficiency by automating test case generation — a critical step in the software development lifecycle — and thus accelerating the development timeline. ATG can generate test scenarios from a variety of sources including specific requirements, models, and code. In addition, integrating ATG tools into CI/CD pipelines enables automated testing, expediting the delivery of high-quality software to end customers — a major benefit for agile and DevOps environments.

ATG Trends and Opportunities to Consider

To remain relevant and stay on the industry’s cutting edge, industry leaders should adopt ATG tools, leverage their capabilities, and pay close attention to further developments in automated test generation. Organizations can also take it a step further, implementing AI and machine learning techniques for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

On the tech development side, industry leaders should create ATG tools that span multiple platforms, environments, and devices — including web, mobile, and desktop — and support a variety of applications, ensuring that these tools follow current best practices in test management. Last but not least, they should incorporate all available insights as to ATG processes already in place to improve the quality and relevance of the tools developed.

Assessing Relevance and Effectiveness

When assessing the relevance and effectiveness of ATG in general, it’s important to consider the intended scope of the specific software being tested. Test criteria and objectives should also be assessed and accounted for to inform the analysis. Data being tested should be monitored closely, as should the environment and the specific ATG tools used within the automation framework. All of these elements contribute to producing clearer, more digestible reporting and analysis.

How HCLSoftware Can Help

The Test Automation Framework (TAF) offered by HCLSoftware, which generates test scripts for mobile, web, and desktop applications automatically, addresses these priorities and concerns. The Behavior Driven Development (BDD) test stories incorporated into this framework are specifically designed to encourage collaboration between customers and development teams. Incorporating BDD gives stakeholders a clear view of the optimal development path based on actual user behavior.

This approach is then incorporated into test story writing through creation of a user story narrative and development of predetermined user acceptance criteria. Software developers and organizations are thus able to minimize the requirement-build gap that often impedes the development of ATG tools.

HCLSoftware can also support your testing processes by integrating our TAF with available test ecosystem components, including defect and test management systems and CI/CD pipelines. In addition, implementing the proper workload automation software will streamline the modeling process. We also employ advanced AI and open integration for maximum oversight.

Contact HCLSoftware for Automated Test Generation Solutions

Looking to stay on top of today’s digital trends and implement the most effective, streamlined solutions? HCLSoftware can help. We provide advanced digital transformation solutions, data and analytics insights, enterprise security services, AI and intelligent automation, and more. To learn how we can help you stay ahead of the competition, contact us online or call one of our global offices.

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HCLSoftware | May 15, 2024
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