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Showcasing our intuitive naming strategy for a cohesive and user-friendly suite

HCL DevOps, a global leader in premier DevOps solutions, is thrilled to unveil a strategic rebranding of its celebrated product portfolio. With this refresh, we aim to provide our customers with a direct understanding of each product's core functionality, emphasizing our integrated approach across the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Introducing Our Revitalized Product Line

  • From HCL Accelerate to HCL DevOps Velocity: Efficiently manage value streams, ensuring your projects remain streamlined and effective.
  • From HCL Launch to HCL DevOps Deploy: Simplify your deployment processes with our cutting-edge automation tools.
  • From HCL OneTest to HCL DevOps Test: Execute top-tier automated testing for assured quality in every release.
  • From HCL Compass to HCL DevOps Plan: Master work item management, translating every task into actionable insights and outcomes.
  • From HCL RTist to HCL DevOps Model RealTime: Optimize model-based development for real-time systems, driving swift and accurate results.
  • From HCL VersionVault to HCL DevOps Code ClearCase: Experience state-of-the-art version control, ensuring your code remains organized, accessible, and protected.

Our intuitive naming strategy was crafted to provide clarity, with each name clearly reflecting its product’s chief function. This makes it even easier for customers to navigate our suite and identify the tools that best fit their needs.

"As our product family expanded, clarity and user-centricity remained at the forefront of our ethos," shares Chris Haggan, Head of Product at HCL DevOps. "The new naming emphasizes both the individual strength of each product and the dynamic synergy they offer when used collectively."

The renaming underscores HCL DevOps’s commitment to being the comprehensive solution for all DevOps needs. With each tool complementing the others, teams are empowered to harness the full might of a seamlessly integrated DevOps strategy.

Peek Into the Near Future

As we fine-tune our product suite, here's a little nudge: DevOps - 2023.12 is not just on the horizon, it's right around the corner! Get ready for a significant update, where we’ll show you the latest innovations in DevOps, including AI/ML, enhanced test data capabilities, GitOps support and more, coming your way later this month. Mark those calendars and register today!

About HCL DevOps: HCL DevOps stands at the forefront of software delivery and lifecycle management. Driven by innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we deliver transformative solutions that usher businesses into an era of agility, efficiency and peerless quality. Across the globe, HCL DevOps is the preferred partner for organizations, guiding them on their digital+ transformation journeys.

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