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The DevOps Power Pack contains our core DevOps product offerings; a great way to explore the portfolio and accelerate your DevOps journey.

Software development managers are historically conditioned to manage trade-offs across time, quality, and cost. Today’s new normal no longer requires making a choice. New practices rooted in Agile, DevOps, and Lean have emerged to enable delivering changes faster while reducing cost and improving quality.

Most organizations have started to adopt some of these modern practices, but often the business still says ‘not enough.’ The key is aligning IT investments to business value and then driving culture, process, tooling, and measurement around it. This organizational alignment is enabled by focusing on the holistic value stream, from idea to value, and ensuring all activity is tied to business outcomes.

Visibility to your value stream is the first step to understanding if your DevOps transformation is gaining traction and achieving your objectives. Now is the time to make the work flowing through your value stream visible, and to establish metrics to benchmark and measure progress.

When equipped with the right toolset, you gain insight into what your high performing teams are doing differently and how you can proliferate those best practices across your entire enterprise.

Automation is a natural starting point for alleviating bottlenecks, specifically in the areas of application deployments and testing. Beyond automation, many opportunities exist from streamlining corporate governance with data-driven, intelligent gating, to release orchestration, to shifting security, and quality practices left. The DevOps Power Pack provides the foundational tools you need to make your transformation journey a success.

What’s in the DevOps Power Pack?

The DevOps Power Pack is designed for customers that are new to DevOps, as well as those that are ready to scale adoption and sophistication. The Power Pack contains our core DevOps product offerings with enough entitlements to support a couple of software product teams.

The DevOps Power Pack includes these products:

HCL Accelerate HCL Launch HCL OneTest Studio
Streamline software value streams with visibility and orchestration at the team and portfolio level Automate application deployments across your IT environments and gives quick feedback for continuous delivery while providing audit trails, versioning, and approvals Execute software testing to support a DevOps approach: API testing, functional testing, UI testing, performance testing, synthetic data generation, and service virtualization​
5 Floating Users Unlimited Servers
and 25 Agents
2 Studio Users, 200 Virtual Testers and 100k API calls

The DevOps Power Pack is available as with 1-year term agreement pricing or as perpetual pricing. A custom quote is recommended for sizing beyond a pilot. There is no limit on term length and no limit to the number of DevOps Power Packs that can be purchased. 

The DevOps Power Pack for Existing AppScan Users

The combination of AppScan with the DevOps Power Pack provides enterprises the necessary tools to automate deployments, testing cycles, and security scans with a single click of a button. This automation ensures a fast feedback cycle for everyone, from development, QA, operations, and business executives.

It also provides the visibility needed to identify quality and security initiatives that are succeeding and draw attention to areas that might be falling behind. Take control of all aspects of your software delivery and shift security left by integrating your AppScan capabilities with the DevOps Power Pack.

Ready to get started?

Ready to see a demo of the HCLSoftware DevOps portfolio? Contact your account manager or request a demo now

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