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Software releases are essential in the technology industry as they introduce new features, address bugs, and enhance performance and security. These updates enable users to maximize productivity, stay competitive, and ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software.

HCL RTist is a development platform for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications. It is specifically developed to provide feature-rich tooling to software engineers for the design, analysis, development, and deployment of embedded, real-time systems and IoT applications.

HCL Software remains at the forefront of technological advancements with its latest release of HCL RTist.

Summary of HCL Rtist 11.3 2023.19 Release

The latest HCL RTist 11.3 2023.19 release has introduced several exciting updates. These updates aim to enhance the software development experience and provide developers with valuable new features and improvements. In addition, the release addresses bugs, improves performance and stability, and introduces innovative functionalities.

  • HCL RTist 11.3 2023.19 is based on Eclipse 2022.06 (4.24) and is compatible with IBM RSARTE.
  • It allows events to be sent to ports while debugging and lets users configure the validation rules and severity for the model compiler.
  • It supports VxWorks 7 and provides a new target configuration for building applications with the Clang compiler.
  • It also includes improvements and bug fixes from the Eclipse platform, such as using the external web browser by default, a new launch configuration view, multiple text selections, and large file associations.

Get more information about the new HCL RTist 11.3 2023.19 improvements here.


Key Features of HCL RTist

The new features introduced in HCL RTist 11.3 2023.19 significantly benefit software developers, enhancing their productivity, efficiency, and code quality.

  • Development of Real-time Applications:

    HCL RTist allows the development of real-time applications using graphical UML diagrams like state charts and composite structure diagrams. This visual approach simplifies the design and modeling process.
  • Code View and Editor:

    The tool provides a code view and editor based on Eclipse CDT for writing C++ code associated with model elements. It includes code for state transitions, enabling developers to combine graphical modeling with manual coding.
  • Model Compiler:

    HCL RTist includes a model compiler that generates optimized C++ code from the model. It offers customizable build processes, allowing the creation of multiple application versions from a single source model.
  • Efficient Run-time Library (TargetRTS):

    The TargetRTS library provides essential services like message-based communication, timers, logging, and more. It can be customized and built for specific platforms, enhancing application functionality.
  • Code-to-Model Synchronization:

    HCL RTist supports bidirectional synchronization between generated C++ code and the model. Changes made in the code are automatically reflected in the model, simplifying development and maintenance tasks.
  • Model Debugger:

    The model debugger allows developers to debug applications at the model level. It supports local and remote debugging on the target platform and can be combined with traditional code debugging using Eclipse CDT.
  • Compare and Merge:

    HCL RTist facilitates the comparison and merging of changes made in the model and code, providing version control and collaboration capabilities.
  • Team Development Support:

    HCL RTist integrates with various source code management (SCM) systems, with enhanced support for Git through EGit integration. This enables team collaboration and version control of RTist model files.
  • Publishing Models and Web Access:

    Models created in HCL RTist can be published to a web server, allowing access from web browsers. This promotes collaboration among project members and facilitates contributions to model development.
  • Traceability and Reporting:

    HCL RTist offers traceability between model elements and related items stored in external systems, such as requirements and test cases. It supports the generation of reports that include information about these related items.
  • Migration Support:

    HCL RTist supports migrating UML-RT models created in IBM Rational Rose RealTime and IBM Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition, ensuring compatibility and smooth transition for existing users.

HCL RTist 11.3 2023.19 is a significant update of the modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications in C++. Upgrading to the latest version ensures access to the most advanced tools in real-time application development. The new features are designed to enhance productivity and streamline development workflows. Experience a faster, smarter, and more precise development journey as you leverage the power of HCL RTist as your comprehensive IDE software.

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