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HERO, a Healthcheck and Runbook Optimizer, enables BigFix Administrators to easily monitor the health of their servers and perform informed recovery actions with specialized Runbooks. HERO frees up administrator time, reduces manual labor, reduces downtime of servers and prevents compliance delay. Everyday companies use BigFix to keep Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints continuously patched, secure and compliant with internal security and regulatory policies. Your systems are safe thanks to BigFix.

At this point, however, a question arises: Who helps you ensure that the BigFix environment is healthy, configured correctly, and performing well? You may have created your own solution both to monitor the health of the BigFix environment and to recover it in case of problems. Or perhaps you are using IT Monitoring software and have created monitors and runbooks specifically for your BigFix environment. Wouldn’t you rather have something out of the box? Imagine not having to maintain and customize specific homemade procedures. Imagine saving time to spend on activities with greater added value. Imagine having a solution that does all this.

Well you can stop imagining. An out of the box solution does exist! HERO is a product specific solution that, leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning, helps to maintain your BigFix environment by bringing AIOps use cases to manage the implementation. HERO effectively combines centralized application monitoring with Runbook automation, providing a solution dedicated to BigFix, that makes the BigFix infrastructure easy to control and hassle free.

Here are 5 reasons why you can’t do without HERO.

1. Detect & Understand Hidden Issues

HERO helps BigFix Administrator to detect and understand issues that might be hidden from your view. HERO helps to             detect misconfiguration, performance or infrastructure problems on multiple environments in a single integrated view. BigFix     Administrator has an immediate understanding of the situation and where an action is needed thanks to a clear and visually     engaging dashboard overview. Any machine, environment and failing component can be reached in just one click from this       first screen, for a quick evaluation and fix. An alerting system completes the solution allowing the BigFix Administrator to           receive a customizable email and notification when something happens.

2. Perform root cause analysis

HERO helps BigFix Administrator to perform root-cause analysis. Collecting KPI history, HERO helps in determining when       an issue has started and which of the components stopped working as expected. This is how HERO helps you finding out         why the issue occurred.

3. Find a solution

HERO allows BigFix Administrator to perform recovery actions based on monitors status, using customizable runbooks when    needed. For a quicker action, the system selects and proposes the most accurate runbooks following the type of error.
For example, if HERO detects a FillDB overload, it proposes runbooks to solve the issue by adapting FillDB configuration to      the BigFix environment.
The runbook library can be extended to share your own runbooks, correlated with potential failing components.

4. Run the solution

The power of HERO is that it provides out-of-the-box procedures for solving the issues and executes the solution in the            environment for you, seamlessly.

5. Prevent issues

HERO provides actual KPIs, such as active threads and number of connected endpoints, so that BigFix Administrators can      monitor and analyze performance.
Leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning, HERO provides also trend estimation of KPIs to predict potential problems such    as compliance delay, overload time.

If you want a solution specific for your BigFix environment that guides the product administrator through all issue resolution steps in one UI, HCL HERO is the best solution on the market. HCL HERO for BigFix is coming soon.

To know more, or ask for a demo, do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, you can visit our Website or taste HERO through our Sandbox.

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Co-authored by Michelle McGough.

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Automation | December 6, 2021
HCL HERO is Getting Stronger Thanks to Log Parsing Capability
HCL HERO Log Parsing is a new and powerful feature that enables HERO to analyze the content of log files to find problems and alert users about them.