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Every organization has a unique approach to modernization. HCL Launch, our continuous delivery platform, can provide value for your DevOps transformation, regardless of the maturity of your ecosystem. Before we get into that, let’s talk about what modernization actually means when it comes to software development.

To illustrate application modernization, we’ll use the imaginary company IceCreamSoft. IceCreamSoft is an older software company that has decided to launch gourmet ice cream trucks. They are going to need to develop a number of novel systems to support this initiative. They want to avoid the monolithic architecture they previously had so they’ve decided to go with a microservices pattern with independent services for POS (point of sale), inventory, and route suggestion.

IceCreamSoft still wants to collect data into the same warehouse, so they’ll need to maintain both systems at the same time and have them work in tandem. Luckily, because they were using HCL Launch for all their deployments, the process has largely stayed the same. They’re able to continue to use their existing pipelines with the addition of the new components that they need to run in that part of the SDLC (software development life cycle). Whether they want to transform a pipeline or create a new one to coexist side by side, both options are available.

HCL Launch visual process designerEventually, IceCreamSoft realizes that their new POS microservice outclasses their old POS system and they decide to modernize all their stores. Obviously, the rigorous testing pipeline needs to be adjusted once the switch is complete. HCL Launch’s visual process designer makes it easy to eliminate specific pieces of your pipeline after replacement. HCL Launch also offers robust rollback features, so if IceCreamSoft ever needs to use an older version of their pipeline it’s all conveniently versioned.

Application Modernization is actually the modernization of three areas at once – your architecture, your infrastructure, and your delivery model. HCL Launch enables these three areas to coexist, even when they are in different stages of transformation, so you don’t have to slow down or delay improvement. Modernize your infrastructure with new tools while staying consistent with your delivery process. Enable your teams to add microservices where possible while maintaining the existing architecture. With the HCLSoftware DevOps suite of solutions, you can piece together the toolchain that best fits your transformation story.

To learn more about HCL Launch and see this continuous delivery platform in action, check out our on-demand webinar.

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