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About HCL Launch

HCL Launch automates application deployments across IT environments and provides quick feedback for continuous delivery, while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production. The software provides solutions for your DevOps transformation, regardless of the maturity of your ecosystem. It offers a unique approach to modernization— allowing for architecture, infrastructure, and delivery models to coexist so you do not have to slow down or delay launches.

Application Pipelines

The HCL Launch 7.3 release includes new capabilities that provide a way to configure automatic deployments. Help the innovation teams within your organization by using an automated CD pipeline (see Figure 1). This new feature can get the code tested through different environments and have the required approval requests created for PROD deployment—in record time. ​

Launch already integrates with a wide variety of testing tools. Customers can set the “acceptance criterion” in these tests and if the criterion is met, then the version is auto-promoted to the next environment.

HCL Launch 7.3

Figure 1: Example of New Pipeline Feature

Additional details for Plugin Logging

A new feature has also been added to provide time information for each step in the Output Log of the process.  This will be useful to users wanting more information about how long plugin steps are taking and can aid in identifying potential performance bottlenecks.

Finally, with the release of the 7.3 HCL Launch update, customers can expect our continued commitment to providing the best continuous delivery product available. It includes many other enhancements and improvements suggested by our existing customer base. This version delivers what you’ve asked for. Have questions, or ready to get started? Contact your HCL Launch 7.3 expert here.

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