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We are living in the data age. Enterprises today are generating data at an unprecedented pace and require the ability to store and utilize data like never before.  

But where is the data going? Everywhere. For many enterprises, data sprawl is a real challenge. Thanks to modern technology advancements, the complexity created by data sprawl is compounded by an enterprise’s continuing need to manage legacy systems, deploy modern systems, and respond to changing business conditions in a timely fashion. 

Enterprises are proactively undertaking strategic efforts to use data to make more informed business decisions, operational improvements, organizational changes, and enhancements to the customer experience. Consider all the different data types that enterprises are analyzing (image below). The median data volume that companies currently have under management – in both structured and unstructured formats – is now greater than 630TB, with that number expected to exceed 820TB within two years.  

data organizations analyze

Moving Past the Barriers  

The systems, data types, and the analytical processes enterprises needed to execute against their data, are likely to evolve. While it would be difficult to predict what will be popular in the future, we do know that machine learning will see significant adoption over the next few years. Machine learning thirsts for data; multiple data types from numerical, text, images and more are used to train and build machine learning models.  

For enterprises, it’s imperative to take the long view on data and data platform systems. It is rarely feasible to adopt and implement every new technology or system that comes along. It’s been proven repeatedly that polyglot persistence might be good for one-off workloads, but that model soon breaks down at scale. HCL’s cloud native, multi-model database, OneDB, is designed to overcome those limitations and scale to meet future data demands, while significantly lowering TCO. 

Why Choose HCL OneDB 

OneDBprovides a rich multi-model data platform for your enterprise and its business applications. OneDBboasts high levels of scalability, reliability and availability – characteristics that today’s companies expect from their enterprise class database. OneDBis supported on a wide variety of on-prem and cloud-native environments. 

  • High performance and powerful scaling: OneDBcan support over 2 million transactions per second with full consistency. It’s fast, with unbound on-demand scalability, parallelized sharding and data sharing.  
  • Cloud-native: Deploys quickly in any public or private cloud. Available as a Docker container and runs in Kubernetes.  
  • Multi-model: simplified, streamlined, and automated. OneDBhas high availability and reliable data access.  
  • Security: native encryption with all configurations. OneDBis highly secure and minimizes risk. 

OneDB is a safe, cost-effective and efficient choice for data management. To learn more about how the HCLOneDB data platform will support multiple use cases from within the same application, you can visit our website 



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