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The HCL OneTest Server provides the ability to monitor the health or performance of the resources. It may be CPU usage, memory usage or servers such as Nginx, Apache, or Prometheus by just connecting an agent.

Performance Tester must connect to a Resource Monitoring agent that is provided in HCL OneTest Server. You can then add the Resource Monitoring sources with the specific counters in the HCL OneTest Server project by clicking a few buttons.

HCL OneTest Server recently hit version 10.1 and with this it allows performance tester to add a single or multiple label corresponding to the Resource Monitoring sources by using Plus sign you must click to add a label icon. The label can contain any character, for example, Win$123 or Label1.

Performance Schedule Using Label

You can also have the same label name for all the Resource Monitoring sources that are added in HCL OneTest Server project to monitor the entire group with only one single label.

Performance Schedule Using Label

With this feature, a performance tester can measure the performance of the resources with any performance schedule that is present in the HCL OneTest Server project.

Performance Testers must select the same label in the Execution dialog of HCL OneTest Server before running any performance schedule. You can then monitor the results when the execution is complete.

The results page displays the Resource Monitoring Label that is selected in the performance schedule and the Statistics Report displays the corresponding Resource Monitoring Sources in HCL OneTest Server.

Performance Schedule Using Label

For more information on Resource Monitoring sources, refer to HCL OneTest Server documentation.

Learn more about HCL OneTest Server or Schedule a demo.

Dilip Narwani

Senior Tester, HCLSoftware

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