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Continuous testing is an important process throughout the development lifecycle to help teams quickly identify whether their software applications are functioning properly and ready for use by customers.

When testing an application, developers can address any bottlenecks, bugs and ultimately any challenges that would keep the application from performing successfully as it moves through the delivery pipeline.

In the fall of 2023, HCLSoftware sent a survey to more than 5,000 professionals working in a wide variety of positions, industries and locations around the world.

The insights documented in this trends report are useful to better understand the testing practices, tools and trends that are being adopted by developers in 2023. The data provides companies with transparency of the challenges and successes their peers face in the world of application testing.

Let’s take a look at just a few key highlights from the trends report.

Testing at Your Organization

Incorporating AI and ML in DevOps practices help to streamline processes, achieve better automation, improve workflows and so much more. Companies are pushing technology boundaries to accelerate how teams operate and ultimately deliver value for customers. Per survey results, 65 percent of respondents say they are considering adopting AI and ML models into their DevOps processes, but only about seven percent are actively utilizing the forward-trending software.

Application Testing

Application security testing is an imperative step in DevSecOps because risks should be assessed before deployment to prevent expensive web application security breaches. It was surprising to see that only 13 percent of respondents in this report admitted to performing application security testing in their continuous testing processes.

Cloud Deployment

With hybrid, multi-cloud innovation becoming a front runner for data optimization, about half of the respondents agreed to maintaining a hybrid cloud deployment strategy within their organization. However, about 20 percent of respondents also claim to struggle with integrations in their cloud journey, therefore pinpointing the desire for a secure and robust platform to maintain efficiency within their DevOps lifecycle.

Explore the full 2023 Continuous Testing Trends Report to get exclusive details on industry shifts in 2023 and an outlook to 2024, and register for our upcoming webinar to get an even deeper understanding of the data.

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