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SD Times and HCLSoftware present a series of microwebinars on performance testing, managing data while testing, and how AI helps to create tests from designs. With software complexity continuing to grow, the need for testing is more urgent than ever.

Key takeaways from the webinars include:

  • Why performance testing is crucial for businesses and how AI helps in detecting potential issues
  • Why rapid generation of data for testing is essential
  • How test designs leveraging computer vision tech and AI can become the actual tests ensuring that applications are performing at their peak

Featured speakers:

  • David Rubinstein – Editorial Director of SD Times
  • Martin Lescuyer – Product Manager at HCLSoftware

Check out the microwebinars!

Learn more about HCL DevOps Test and its platform, which provides UI, API, and performance testing as well as service virtualization and synthetic data fabrication to support testers throughout a project lifecycle.

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