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With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a key means of enhancing speed and accuracy in DevOps practices, HCLSoftware is ahead of the curve with its latest AI-powered testing tool.

In order to test new applications and reduce risk before launching new products, DevOps teams are tasked with creating web mockups and designs. Some teams use high-fidelity mockups designed in Figma, while others are designing them just by drawing them on a sheet of paper or whiteboard.

Our newly introduced testing capability enables testers to use an AI-powered engine to import their images into the system, whether they are high-fidelity mockups designed in Figma or other design tools, or hand-drawn. The tool then analyzes the design and finds a model to replicate it. Operating as a back-end tool, this AI-powered engine has been trained to recognize controls within user interfaces by scanning the images and then ultimately creating a test model.

This feature thus enables users to maximize shift-left testing and begin creating their automated tests even before the application exists.

Interested in learning more? We thought so! Check out the demo and gain further insight in our latest microwebinar.

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